Sighting. Say Yes posters for everyone

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This poster by Ciaran Murphy is the winner of a national poster competition organized by the Scottish independence forces. He wpn £1000 and 10,000 copies of his poster were distributed throughout the country. Continue reading

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Sottish independence: Security lies in sovereignty and peace

NATO intervenes in Scottish Referendum

NATO too is afraid of Scottish sovereignty. In an unprecedented, warmongering open letter intervening in the referendum on Scottish independence, 14 former chiefs of the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force arrogantly warned that a vote for independence would undermine defence in both Scotland and the United Kingdom. “The division of the UK may or may not be politically or economically sensible, but in military terms we are clear: it will weaken us all,” they threatened, a message echoed by Obama and Harper. The Scottish people increasingly see that collective security lies in the defence of the rights of all and not subjugation to NATO and US nuclear bases in Scotland. 

We are reprinting below a pertinent article by Finian Cunningham, originally published by Press TV on September 13.


There’s one good reason for why Scotland should vote yes for independence: the breaking up of the United Kingdom would be an imminently good thing for the sake of world peace.

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Harper’s double standards on Palestine and Ukraine: Not all child casualties of war are innocent

ANDREW MITROVICA* on Harper’s perverse provision of militarized “aid” to the Kiev junta, the murky role of the billionaire owner of a pharmaceutical company (Eugene Melnyk, BIOVAIL) who’s also the chairman of the Campaign Advisory Committee for “United with Ukraine” … and the wounded children of Gaza.

Palestinian doctors treat children wounded in an Israeli airstrike on a building, at the treatment room of al Najar hospital in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, Thursday, Aug. 21, 2014. (AP Photo/Hatem Ali)

Palestinian doctors treat children wounded in an Israeli airstrike on a building, at the treatment room of al Najar hospital in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, Thursday, Aug. 21, 2014 | AP Photo/Hatem Ali

ipolitics (Sept. 16) – Before last week, I thought I understood the depth of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s malevolence. I was wrong.

Only now do I appreciate just how ugly this prime minister is. I didn’t think it was possible for even a government as rabidly partisan as this one to add Palestinian children to its long list of enemies. That’s not hyperbole. Truth.

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Economic, social and cultural rights in a future Scotland

- Professor Alan Miller, Chair, Scottish Human Rights Commission, February 10, 2013 -

Scotland.18 September 2014

[On February 5, 2013] the Scottish Government published a discussion paper on its vision for a transition process towards independence, should Scotland vote ‘Yes’ in the referendum in October 2014.

There has already been a huge amount of debate around the publication. One criticism from the ‘Better Together’ campaign is that a timeframe of around 15 months would not be sufficient to carry out all of the detailed negotiations required. The ‘Yes Scotland’ campaign and the Scottish Government, of course, rebut this. Politicians, academics, the media and the Twitterati have all drawn attention to the myriad of complex points raised in the paper on currency, the monarchy, infrastructure and share of national debt. Continue reading

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Harper’s attack on the rights of public sector workers

LOUIS LANG on vindictive moves against public sector workers

Collective bargaining for more than 100,000 employees of the federal public service, represented by the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), and the employer, the Treasury Board, have been underway for several months. On September 10, Treasury Board negotiators tabled a proposal that would gut the sick leave provisions for these workers. This proposal comes in addition to other changes it has proposed including privatizing management of sick leave. Continue reading

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Academic study reveals BBC Scotland favouring No campaign

BBC WHo do we trust(May 23) – Results from a Scottish academic study into referendum output on the BBC’s flagship morning news programme Good Morning Scotland has revealed news headlines and interviews skewed in favour of the No campaign.

According to the month long study, referendum coverage was more likely to lead with a story favouring the No campaign than one favouring Yes.  The study also found a tendency on the part of interviewers to adopt a more aggressive stance with Yes figures than when interviewing their No campaign counterparts. Continue reading

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This day in history. Remembering Sabra & Shatila (1982)


Thirty-two years ago on 16 September 1982, the Lebanese Christian Phalange Party militia entered the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila in Beirut. Israeli forces commanded by Gen. Ariel Sharon occupied the surrounding city and allowed the militia’s entry into the camp. The Israeli invasion of Lebanon had been given the “green light” by the Reagan administration. Over the following three days, at least 800 civilians were massacred as Israeli-manned checkpoints turned back fleeing Palestinians and Israeli troops fired flares to illuminate the camp at night. The barbarous massacre made international headlines and remains a painful memory in Palestinian history. Continue reading

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