Ukraine: Antisemitic flyer a psywar hoax to wreck public opinion

For several months the monopoly media has unleashed a torrent of disinformation to conceal the reality of events in Ukraine, attribute the acuteness of problems to Russia or more recently “pro-Russian separatists,” and conceal the subversive role of the U.S., EU and NATO. On April 14th, Stephen Harper, without offering any evidence whatsoever, went on national TV to blame “Russian provocateurs” for the civil disobedience that has broken out in eastern Ukraine. This framed a so-called “anti-terrorist operation” launched by the putschist government on April 13 against an anti-fascist resistance movement that has been sweeping eastern Ukraine. Presto, an antisemitic flyer attributed to one of the leaders appeared in Donetsk. Behind the cloak of high ideals, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry then ensured that its existence was known to the world.

Nonetheless, the chief rabbi of Donetsk states the pamphlet is fake, claiming it is meant to discredit either the anti-coup, anti-fascist resistance or the Jewish community in eastern Ukraine, according to Alex Luhn,, reporting from Donetsk. Nonetheless, he fails to mention the presence of CIA director John Brennan in Kiev. Brennan secretly entered Ukraine on April 11th or 12th with a false passport several days before the launching of the ‘anti-terrorist operation.” It was later acknowledged by the White House as a “routine visit,” when the whole world knows there is nothing “routine” about the CIA apart from the organization of coup d’états, subversion and drone warfare.

Pro-Russian activists outside Donetsk regional administration building

The barricades outside the Donetsk regional administration building are plastered with anti-fascist posters. Photograph: Scott Olson/Getty Images

(18 April 2014) – The barricades that mark the entrance to the “Donetsk People’s Republic” are plastered with anti-fascist posters, including an American flag with a swastika in place of the stars. The pro-Russian protestors who have set up their own government in the occupied administration building see the new Kiev regime as dominated by intolerant Ukrainian nationalists, which is why it was more than a little ironic when an antisemitic flyer appeared on Wednesday ordering Jews to register with these new authorities.

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Scottish sovereignty: Official No campaign attempts to organise a counter-coup by wrecking public opinion


IT IS NOTICEABLE how the official No campaign in the lead-up to the Scottish independence referendum has had to change its tactics since the belligerent stand taken by the British government over the currency issue. In general, the stridency of the anti-independence campaign has been proving counter-productive, and has not been having the effect desired by the establishment. On the contrary, it seems that the Yes campaign has been picking up momentum, with a recent poll by Panelbase producing the narrowest gap so far. The No side has been seen to shift, with campaign leader Alistair Darling suggesting that a Sterling zone might be put to a referendum in the rest of Britain. Continue reading

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Small parties oppose Bill C-23, the anti-democratic ‘Fair Elections Act’

Bill C-23 Must Not Pass

Ottawa – April 11, 2014 — Registered political parties currently without representation in the House of Commons met in Ottawa to consider Bill C-23, An Act to amend the Canada Elections Act and other Acts and to make consequential amendments to certain Acts. The parties listed below agreed to issue the following statement. These parties are also concerned about many provisions in Bill C-23 aside from those outlined in the statement and they encourage the media to contact them individually.

The Conservative Party of Canada, overseen by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, is hoping to steal the next federal election. Bill C-23, the so-called Fair Elections Act, is their game plan. We are working together to stop the Conservatives, and to protect every Canadian’s right to vote in a fair and honest election that is free of voter suppression schemes, of election fraud, of the denial of fundamental rights, and all watched over by an independent and effective Elections Canada.

The Conservatives and Stephen Harper are terrified because they can’t win a fair election; they hope they can win a rigged one. Continue reading

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Former finance minister and conflict of interest

Facts defy self-serving eulogies, undeserved praise and the Conservative’s crass opportunism. The glue that bonded Flaherty’s team was money and access to the federal treasury.

120311-TorontoRobocallProtestcr2(Excerpt from Wikipedia) – Flaherty said his office broke government contracting rules in hiring MacPhie & Company to help write the 2007 budget speech and provide advice on how to sell the document. MacPhie & Company was awarded the $122,000 contract without tender by Flaherty’s office.[37] On February 7, 2008, Liberal finance critic John McCallum formally called on Auditor General Sheila Fraser to conduct an audit into the untendered contract awarded by Flaherty to MacPhie & Company for work done in advance of the 2007 budget.[38] Continue reading

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The state funeral for former finance minister and the Conservative’s crass opportunism

Self-serving eulogies and undeserved praise, says TML Daily

(Apr. 10) – In today’s TML we are posting an article on the real accomplishments of the former Finance Minister who died on April 10. It is all about nation-wrecking with a program to pay the rich, increase funding for war and annexation and destroy the public authority by starving social programs. Despite this, the monopoly-controlled media are full of praise for the former Finance Minister and his budgets and it was announced that he would be honoured with a state funeral on Wednesday, April 16. All of this comes at a time the Conservatives are wracked with scandal and are railroading a bill through the Commons and the Senate, Bill C-23, that destroys Canada’s electoral process to favour their own re-election.

Now, the other shoe is dropping. Continue reading

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Flashback: Margaret Thatcher and misapplied death etiquette

Glenn Greenwald: The dictate that one “not speak ill of the dead” is (at best) appropriate for private individuals, not influential public figures. Thatcher was revered by the Harper gang, one of whom (John Baird) even named his beloved dog in her honour. (No kidding!) The death of Jim Flaherty took place precisely one year and two days after Thatcher’s.

Thatcher was notorious for, amongst other things, her support for her fellow reactionaries and their massive violations of rights

(Apr 8, 2013) – News of Margaret Thatcher‘s death this morning instantly and predictably gave rise to righteous sermons on the evils of speaking ill of her. British Labour MP Tom Watson decreed: “I hope that people on the left of politics respect a family in grief today.” Following in the footsteps of Santa Claus, Steve Hynd quickly compiled a list of all the naughty boys and girls “on the left” who dared to express criticisms of the dearly departed Prime Minister, warning that he “will continue to add to this list throughout the day”. Former Tory MP Louise Mensch, with no apparent sense of irony, invoked precepts of propriety to announce: “Pygmies of the left so predictably embarrassing yourselves, know this: not a one of your leaders will ever be globally mourned like her.” Continue reading

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A reflection on Dr Norman Girvan

Norman GirvanI had the honour to meet and briefly discuss with Dr Norman Girvan, when he spoke at a most interesting two-day symposium held in October 22009 at St Mary’s University SMU) in Halifax, along with the Cuban, Bolivian and Venezuelan ambassadors and several other invited guests from Latin America. Dr Girvan gave a terrific presentation on ALBA, pointing to a number of forces that have combined to bring about positive change for the majority of people in the region who have been marginalized for centuries. The topic of our own discussion was the actual role that Canada plays in the Caribbean and Latin America, which is nefarious and long-standing. Unlike imperialist academics who come to Canada to lecture, he was most open to our views, experiences and researches. (He visited SMU again in November 2013, speaking at a conference on alternative trade.) That encounter led me to read some of his writing and studies on his website. I share all the positive sentiments expressed by David Abdulah and Isaac Saney about Dr Girvan, his internationalist outlook, life and work, and his enduring legacy. Continue reading

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