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The Halifax Branch of CPC(M-L) organizes political affairs forum – The question of Palestine

HALIFAX (November 8, 1972) – SINCE OCTOBER 1, The Halifax Branch of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) has been organising weekly forums on political affairs. The aim of these forums was summed up by the chairman, Tony Seed, in his introduction to the forum of October 21. He said:

“… propagation of the Marxist-Leninist political line, serious political discussion and the development of a genuinely revolutionary and democratic atmosphere where differing views can contend, be sorted out and clarified and the basic issues facing the proletariat be grasped is urgently required by the progressive people of Halifax.”

A Strike, Painting by Ismael Shammout, 1963

The forum of October 21 dealt with the subject of the U.S. sponsored Israeli-zionist aggression against the Arab people. The main speaker dealt with three main points in the course of an hour-long address.

He first pointed out that the imperialist media in Canada and the United States have launched a barefaced campaign of support for the Israeli Zionists in the face of an overwhelming tide of world opinion which is condemning these same Zionists for their aggression against the Arab people and for their unbridled expansionist policies. He showed that the Israeli-zionist talk of “secure borders”, “defensible boundaries”, etc., is nothing more than an excuse for systematic expansionism through aggression, and quoted from a 1969 statement from Moshe Dayan to show that the zionists themselves admit this to be true. Dayan said, “Since the return to Zion a hundred years ago, a double process of colonisation and expansion of frontiers has been going on. We have not yet reached the end of that road: it is the people of Israel who will determine the frontiers of their own state.” The speaker explained that the war presently being fought in the Middle East will be brought to completion by the development of national revolutionary armed struggle and the liquidation of the Israeli-zionist state and its fascist foundations.

Secondly, the speaker showed the role of the U.S. imperialists and the Soviet social-imperialists who are contending for the resources of the Middle East at the same time as they are colluding to bring a halt to the just struggle of the Arab peoples against the U.S.-Israeli aggression. He said that the U.S. imperialists have supplied the Israeli Zionists with over $3.2 billion in munitions while the Soviet social-imperialists continue to supply them with skilled manpower (Soviet immigrants) order to receive “most favoured nation” trading status from the U.S. imperialists. He said that the imperialist strategy of “political solution” in the Middle East is a smokescreen for war and aggression and subjugation, and it is this “no war, no peace” strategy through which Israel is propped up as the tool of foreign imperialist penetration which the Arab people are rejecting as the precondition to settling their own affairs.

Thirdly, the speaker dealt at length with the historical roots of the Middle East question, showing in detail that Zionism is a class question, that Zionism was fostered by petty bourgeois ideologues, reactionary intelligentsia and capitalist financiers. These elements maneuvered to separate “Jewish” workers from the working class movement as a whole, and made deals with the capitalist powers to establish a “Jewish” state. The Balfour Declaration, it was pointed out, was a letter from the foreign minister, Lord Balfour, to Lord Rothschild in 1917 in which the British imperialists agreed to use the Zionists as their bridgehead of expansionism in the Middle East.

Throughout his speech, the speaker pointed out that Arab and Palestinian resistance to Zionist aggression has never ceased, and that the recent war has smashed the imperialist myth of Zionist invincibility once and for all. He said that the Arab revolution has surged forward despite the setbacks of the Six-Day War. Since the foundation of the Palestine Liberation Movement, it has been proved that the Zionists are incapable of suppressing the people’s war being waged by the Palestinian and other Arab peoples.

A lively discussion followed the speaker’s presentation, in which many participants brought forward other aspects of the struggle of the Arab people and its significance to the Canadian working class.

The following Sunday, October 28, another forum was organised around the question of the participation of the Communist Party of Quebec (Marxist-Leninist) in the Quebec provincial elections. To advertise the meeting, a leaflet was prepared reprinting the CPQ(M-L) announcement of candidature. The leaflet and the forum were concrete means of developing support among the working class of Nova Scotia for the struggles of the Quebec contingent of the Canadian working class.

These forums of the Halifax Branch of CPC(M-L) are bound to make a contribution to the development of political consciousness of the revolutionary people of Halifax.

Source: People’s Canada Daily News (PCDN), Volume 3, Number 312, November 8, 1972

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