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1000 people have signed The Declaration of the People of Halifax Against War Preparations.


Halifax Committee Against Imperialist War

Saturday, April 23, 2:00 p.m., North End Branch Library, Gottingen St.

Everybody Welcome

The Organizing Committee To Found The Halifax Committee Against Imperialist War announces that 1000 people have signed The Declaration of the People of Halifax Against War Preparations.

* * *

The danger of a new devastating world war hangs like a shadow over the world’s people. The main source of this danger is the two imperialist superpowers, the USA and the Soviet Union, and their aggressive military blocs. They instigate and directly participate in local and regional conflicts to secure markets sources of raw materials and areas for the investment of capital. It is their ambition to dominate the world at each other’s expense which is fuelling the arms race and giving rise to aggression and armed conflicts around the globe.

The Canadian bourgeoisie and its government is an active participant in these war preparations for its own imperialist interests. It has sold out the sovereignty of the Canadian people for dollars and endangers their lives by placing Canada under the American military “umbrella.” Through NATO and NORAD, it has put Canada under the complete military domination of US imperialism.

Halifax-Dartmouth is a major military port in the service of US imperialism, which has major plans for its use as a base for the imperialist world war that the superpowers are preparing. The horror of the Halifax Explosion of 1917 and the Magazine Explosion of 1945, along with the escalating war exercises and “visits” of warships in the harbour, clearly shows the danger poised to the lives of the people by the war.

The all-round militarization of the economy, education, culture and life in Halifax has brought ruinous preparations, and the use of Halifax in this regard. consequences for the people of our city, including growing deficits, rising taxes, housing rents and unemployment, inflation and reduced social services. Far from bringing “benefits,” it is a means of enriching the wealthy owners and a factor for the deepening of the crisis.

The warmongers will never disarm of their own accord. If given a free hand they will not hesitate to embroil the people in mass slaughter once more so as to accomplish their aims. We must never let this happen. History proves that a powerful movement of the people fighting in unity for their rights and freedoms is the greatest obstacle to the outbreak of war.

We stand for:

1. An immediate halt to all war preparations, whether nuclear or conventional; or other weapons of mass destruction in Canada;

2. Not a single youth must be sacrificed in any war of imperialist aggression and rivalry;

3. Not a single penny for the war preparations. An end to the cutbacks in social spending.

4. Canada must get out of NATO and NORAD. Both NATO and the Warsaw Pact must be dismantled;

5. No foreign troops in Canada and no Canadian troops in foreign lands;

6. Support for all peoples fighting for freedom and democracy;

7. A united front of all peace-loving Canadian people to put an end to the war danger through resolute action.


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