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CBC cutbacks and cultural sovereignty: On the 60th anniversary of the CBC

By TONY SEED*, Shunpiking Magazine, October, 1996

DURING THE past sixty years, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has undergone many changes which reflect the developments taking place in Canadian society, especially in the economic sphere which constitutes the foundation of society. Massive cutbacks in this major cultural insitution brings the question of the state of Canadian culture to the fore. This was precisely the question raised in 1936 when the CBC was founded, and has continued to be the issue throughout its existence.

The CBC has developed from a small institution into a state monopoly, one of the few giant monopolies that controls the production and dissemination of culture. As the question of ownership of the capitalist economy – and its direction – is foremost in the minds of people, so too is the ownership – and direction – of culture. The CBC cutbacks bring this question forward with a vengeance. Continue reading

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