Let’s turn Nova Scotia into a school of new journalism

6211 North Street: Our fourth anniversary

WITH THIS ISSUE we complete our fourth year of publication. Shunpiking Magazine came into being with a demonstration edition in November, 1995, and our first edition was published in December, 1995. We will resume publishing with our February-March, 2000 edition.

It is clearly evident that, after four years, there is no other publication in our region like Shunpiking. And that the need for a magazine that is healthy and positive, that seeks to address the concerns of Nova Scotians and that discusses issues without fear or indifference, still exists.

Yet producing Shunpiking has not become simpler; it has become more complicated. So too has life; we see growing problems in the natural or the social environment, whether at home or abroad. These problems are on the minds of our readers and they preoccupy us too. One of our readers/contributors wrote to us recently: “You have a social and an environmental conscience” … “Just know that you make a difference in the lives of some readers.” It is gratifying to be thought of in this way.

Yes, there is even more a need for such a publication and we are not the only ones who think this way. There are many, many readers who have told us they think this way; many readers have come forward to contribute or become involved in its development on a province-wide basis. The number of those who have freely contributed their creative talent and labour to Shunpiking is now over 400.

For us, discovery means the act of finding out.

Why is there a need for a publication such as ours? Firstly, Shunpiking reports on various social, cultural and political activities in a straightforward manner. We strive to put facts and our interpretation of them as two separate and objective entities. We do not confuse our readers about facts and interpretations. For us, discovery means the act of finding out.

Secondly, we have the interests of Nova Scotians at heart. Thus, we also speak of those aspects which could help solve problems.

Thirdly, we openly involve our readers.

Shunpiking is a magazine addressed to the thinking, active Nova Scotian.

Fourthly, we bring well-researched, high-quality and objective information in different spheres — our communities, natural history, social and cultural — to enlighten discourse and enhance discovery. Shunpiking is a magazine addressed to the thinking, active Nova Scotian.

We have to emphasize there is no other journalism and publication in our region that does the above four things, which we feel is what our readers need. You are, of course, be the judge, and you can let us know if this is true.

The fact that Shunpiking is entering our fifth year means that we are fulfilling a need, but the truth is we still consider our journalism and scope of coverage to be limited and the number of copies not up to the mark.

Thus, in our fifth year, we have to improve the quality and the scope of our coverage, introducing new areas of reporting and improving those we have already begun. This will be assisted by our new site on the world wide web or the internet. The development of supplements and inserts will assist our readership with enlightened, topical material. We are open to all those who are similarly dedicated towards fulfilling these needs, as well as want to use the opportunity Shunpiking provides to help themselves in their own endeavours. In order to achieve this, we have to further professionalize our business/technical side, which has been tremendously consolidated over the past two years.

Can you help?

Yes, you can, both in journalism as well as in distribution and other areas. We are always looking forward to meeting those who have the same interests. Let us turn the entire province into a school of new journalism. Write or e-mail us at shunpike@shunpiking.com if you are interested.

Independent publishing is no bowl of cherries. We congratulate all those who have made these four years a magical reality and express our sincere thanks. Particularly, we thank our writers and photographers, distributors, and advertisers. We want more of your help, from more of you in more of the areas in which we would expand our work.

Thanking you again,

Tony Seed and Richard LeBlanc

for the staff of shunpiking

* * * 

Our Mandate (from Volume One, Number Two)

We call Shunpiking a discovery magazine. Shunpiking is about discovery of our community — our natural, social and cultural environment — and about opening new windows on the mysteries and wonders of the universe. If that also involves writing about political and social relations (and it will), so be it. We’d also like to take the space and time to discover and share beauty we find around us, both natural and made.

Shunpiking Magazine, December-January, 2000, No. 31. A few minor changes have been made by the author for this publication.

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