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When its OK to kill a hack

1999.04.23.NATO bombing RTS

NATO’s bombed the RTS (Radio-Television Serbia) studios in Belgrade on April 23, 1999 killing 16 journalists and support staff.

By CHARLES GLASS, The Spectator

(February 5) – It’s official. Thirty-three journalists died violently in war zones last year. The figure — nine up on the year before — has just been released by the New York based Committee to Protect Journalists. Sierra Leone was the most dangerous destination in 1999: ten reporters were killed there last year. Next on the list was Serbia, where six reporters lost their lives; then came Colombia, with four deaths. The CPJ concludes, ‘We see a clear policy, particularly in Sierra Leone, Colombia and East Timor, of armed factions seeking to banish journalists in order to hide the truth.’ Continue reading

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