Vieques, Puerto Rico: Militant actions at UN headquarters

Given the participation of Canada in the militarization of the Caribbean and its participation in sea-to-shore bombing exercises in Puerto Rico (code-named Caribops), using for one period DU shells from the Phalanx artillery system, we are reproducing the following item on the resistance being waged by the islanders and the role of the U.S. Navy in attacking their just struggle. – TS

(May 17, 2001) – ON MAY 15, activists held a militant demonstration at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City to oppose the US military’s bombing of Vieques. In a press release, the protestors said they “call on the UN to fulfil it’s stated mission and ‘respond to serious violations of human rights’ as mandated by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.” They demanded an immediate end to bombing on Vieques and pointed out that this violation of human rights by the US is one of the many reasons the US was rightly voted off the UN Commission on Human Rights. Police and security forces broke up the demonstration, arresting 28 protesters who were blocking the main entrance of the UN building with a 50-foot banner. According to eye-witness reports, several activists were able to enter the building and carry out their civil disobedience action inside. US Navy Out of Vieques! Oppose US Bombing of Vieques!

TML Daily, May 17, 2001 – No. 87

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