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Vieques, Puerto Rico: More punitive sentences handed down as the people of Vieques remain defiant

Given the participation of Canada in the militarization of the Caribbean and its participation in sea-to-shore bombing exercises in Puerto Rico (code-namedCaribops), using for one period DU shells from the Phalanx artillery system, we are reproducing the following two items on the resistance being waged by the islanders and the aim of the U.S. Navy in using the island as its own. – TS

US Navy out of Vieques now! 

(July 11, 2001) – ON July 6, eight more people were sentenced at the San Juan, Puerto Rico Federal Court in connection with civil disobedience actions on Vieques. They were among 180 people arrested for trespassing on Navy lands in late April and early May. Among the eight were Vieques resident Mirta Sanes Rodriguez, the sister of David Sanes Rodriquez who was killed by Navy bombs in 1999; Puerto Rican Senator Norma Burgos; Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the son of the late Senator Robert Kennedy; and Dennis Rivera, a vice president of the AFL-CIO. Continue reading

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Nova Scotia government backs down on anti-worker Bill 68

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