UNITAS 2001 US joint military exercises in the Colombian Pacific

The following item briefly describes the UNITAS exercises off the Pacific coast of Latin America. The U.S. naval fleet actually circumvents the continent, and stages similar exercises on the Atlantic Coast and in the Caribbean with different countries, as is mentioned. The UNITAS (for “unity”) naval exercises were launched in 1959 as part of U.S. sabre-rattling against the Cuban anti-imperialist revolution and as a means for the integration of the naval-military forces of Latin America under U.S. command in the name of “inter-operability” and “inter-American solidarity,” etc. Such is the content of this “solidarity” that they were used in 1973 as a cover for the U.S.-fascist military coup of the Salvador Allende government of Chile. The Canadian Forces now participate in the UNITAS maneouvres. – TS

(August 7, 2001) – ON July 31, US military forces, together with the navies of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile, began wargames in the Pacific Ocean as part of annual exercises called “Unitas 2001.”

About 1,100 US soldiers and 4,400 soldiers from the South American nations involved are participating in the manoeuvres. The US navy contingent will include the USS Ticonderoga warship, the USS Halyburton missile corvette, the US Coast Guard Cutter Northland. The 42nd version of these multilateral wargames began in April in the Caribbean Sea and continued with manoeuvres in Malaga Bay, Colombia and Manta, Ecuador.

A press release by the Washington Embassy in Colombia said that the operations are in line with US interests in “strengthening the regional fight against drug trafficking,” the US’s well-known pretext for increased militarization and intervention in the region under Plan Colombia and the Andean Regional Initiative.

TML Daily, August 7, 2001

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