Halifax Protest Rally for Peace and Against Racism

HALIFAX (September 25, 2001) – ON September 22, 2001, a protest rally for peace and against racism was held on the lawn of the main branch of the Halifax Regional Library. Organized largely by MobGlob, between 200 to 300 people participated representing a broad cross section of organizations and views. Amongst them were representatives of the Council of Canadians, the Muslim community, the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) and the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist).

Speakers reiterated the demand that the United States should not respond to the tragedy which took place on September 11 in an act of revenge which will kill more innocent people. As a speaker from India put it: “If you practise eye for an eye, the whole country goes blind.”

Representatives of CPC(M-L) emphasized several crucial points. One speaker focused on who are the terrorists, pointing out that the tremendous inequalities and impoverishment of the majority of the world’s people are not labeled as a crime. US state terrorism is linked with and fuels international terrorism. Force is not a legitimate means of resolving political conflicts amongst states. He added that it is up to the people of each country to resolve these problems, and as Canadians our duty is to stop Canada from being embroiled in US imperialist aggression.

Another speaker pointed to the high level of resistance to the pressures from the state and the monopoly media. He said that before this tragic event occurred the people were making progress on a number of fronts: the movement against globalization, the international movement against racism and the movement for democratic renewal. “Yet now, in the wake of the shocking events on September 11 we are told that we should give up all that and line up behind George W. Bush. The worst reactionaries are now being portrayed as the foremost defenders of democracy and freedom and this sleight of hand is happening in broad daylight in the hope that people’s minds are too numb to notice.”

A representative of the CFS talked about the activation of Canadian and American students for peace and against war citing the teach-ins and protests across the US and Canada. Clifford White from the Council of Canadians also spoke, saying, amongst other things that Canada was at a crossroads and it could go any way, and that politicians should realize the importance of not getting too embroiled with the US military actions.

CPC(M-L) supporters also distributed copies of the latest TML Daily, and collected more signatures on the petition for a binding referendum on the FTAA.

This was one of many actions taking place in Halifax these days. There was a teach-in at Dalhousie University on Thursday, another panel discussion Saturday evening at Dal-tech and there are on-going forums sponsored on CKDU radio station.

Source: TML Daily, September 25, 2001 – No. 170


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