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Dossier on Palestine: A media of progress, enlightenment and freedom is possible

SHUNPIKING MAGAZINE hosted a special forum on the occasion of the publication of its new, book-length special edition, Dossier on Palestine, on 28 October 2002. Dr. Ismail Zayid, president of the Canada Palestine Association, longtime activist and a contributing writer, and Tony Seed, on behalf of the editorial staff, both provided their views on the significance of this initiative. Both presentations were repeatedly interrupted by applause. Despite the fact that the book launch was organized with only two days notice, fifty one people attended the lively function held in the hall at St. Antonios Antiochan Orthodox Church in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Participants expressed tremendous enthusiasm and a high regard for the quality of the information, historical context, photo essays, maps and information graphics, and perspectives contained in the 96-page work, of which 20,000 copies were printed as an initial press run. Initial orders were placed for 4,050 copies of the Dossier, which retails for $Cdn 5.00.*

We are reproducing the text of the address by Tony Seed, editor and publisher of Shunpiking Magazine, to the forum. Continue reading


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Dossier on Palestine – Contents


Editorial: Standing for Justice

Introduction to the conflict Palestine: Fifty years of ethnic cleansing and dispossession (p. 4) Dr. Ismail Zayid


• Operation Defensive Shield

• Palestine from near and far (8) Amnon Kapeliouk

• A crime against humanity?: UN Report on Jenin (10) Editorial team

• ‘If I have any regret, it is because we didn’t destroy the camp’: confession of an award-winning zionist soldier (12) Independent Media Centre, Israel Continue reading

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Standing for justice

EDITORIAL, Dossier on Palestine

The struggle of the world’s peoples for self-determination has assumed greater dimensions and intensity. Standing in the forefront are the valiant Palestinians. For decades, in extremely difficult conditions, they have been waging a titanic battle to return to their homeland and realize their inalienable rights to freedom and independence. Some five million refugees have been waiting for more than fifty years to return to Palestine.

Moreover, the Middle East continues to be an arena of repeated acts of intervention and war. Continue reading

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