Dossier on Palestine – Contents


Editorial: Standing for Justice

Introduction to the conflict Palestine: Fifty years of ethnic cleansing and dispossession (p. 4) Dr. Ismail Zayid


• Operation Defensive Shield

• Palestine from near and far (8) Amnon Kapeliouk

• A crime against humanity?: UN Report on Jenin (10) Editorial team

• ‘If I have any regret, it is because we didn’t destroy the camp’: confession of an award-winning zionist soldier (12) Independent Media Centre, Israel

• UN report denounced (13)

• ‘My team should have investigated Jenin’ (13) Maj-Gen William Nash

• Letter from a Gaza Hospital (14) Ghassan Abu Sitta

• Sabra and Shatila – never again. (24) Pierre Pean

• Humanitarian crisis in the West Bank, Gaza Strip. (32) The Palestine Monitor

• Water: another weapon. Editorial team

• Weapons that scare the Israeli army. Electronic Intifada


• Destruction & deepening crisis (14)

• Expulsion or transfer: Israel’s plan (17) Jeff Halper

• Tutu condemns Israeli apartheid (28) BBC

• Israeli soldiers who say ‘No!’ (29)

• The solution (30) Imad Jadaa, Marelys Valencia

• When Ramallah dreamed about the United States (33) Raja Shehadeh

• Children under fire (34) Eyad Serra

• Reclaiming history (37) Andrew Killgore

• Academia: history uncovered, silenced (38) Editorial team

• Israeli academics protest ethnic cleansing (38) Palestine Media Center


• Israeli terrorism (18) Dr. Ismail Zayid

• Martyrs & heroes?: Some reflections on suicide bombing (20) Dr. Mohamed Elmasry

• Cowards and heroes face to face (21) Sandra L. Smith

• Canada Park: Canadian complicity in a war crime (22) Dr. Ismail Zayid

• Profits from the Promised Land (23) Tony Seed

• Canada and Palestine: Double standards (35) Gary Zatzman


• Telling the truth about Israel: When journalists knowingly shade the facts (15) Robert Fisk

• ‘Israel can do no wrong’: Disinformation and ignorance (35) Editorial team


• 2nd International Conference of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (28)

• The Palestinian people will not surrender (29) Badil Resource Center


• History / Here to Stay: A Timeline (42-61) Editorial team

Includes numerous sidebars, brief commentaries and vignettes:

– The birth of the Palestine National Movement

– Political anti-semitism

– 1954: ‘Diabolic plans … to Christianize’

– Provocations as ‘modus operandi

– Predatory economics of the 1967 war

– The Iranian revolution shook the superpowers

– During the Iran/Iraq War both the US and the USSR backed Iraq

– The Gulf War

– The invincibles run (South Lebanon)

– Hunting ‘terrorists’ in Israel

– Why are charities targeted

– Who sets the agenda?

– No to War on Iraq

– Arms and the Israelis

• Photo essay / Spirit of Palestine: a land, a people (48) Editorial team

• Document / Origins of the Palestine-Israel conflict (62) Jews for Justice in the Middle East

• Photo journal / A day in the life of a checkpoint (73) The Palestine Chronicle

• Essay / Zionism, racism and the Palestinian people: Fifty years of human rights violations in Israel and the Occupied Territories (80) Ardi Imseis


8 – Destruction of the Jenin refugee camp, 2002

16 – Israeli blitzkrieg, 2002

16 – Zionist colonies in the West Bank, 2000

17 – The system of Israeli checkpoints

23 – The Cross-Israel highway

32  – Water: another weapon

36 – Palestine 1945: Land ownership by district

38 – Greater Jerusalem Area

40  – The conflict – in maps / The Arab world (1914); the Middle East (1914 to 1947); the Arab world (1939); the partition of Palestine (1947-49); the Arab-Israeli war (1948-49); Occupation of Sinai (1956); Six Day War (1967); October War (1973); Three concepts of Greater Israel

45 – The Sykes-Picot Treaty, 1916

57 – The Gulf War, 1990

58 – Israeli occupation of south Lebanon, 2000

75 – Barak’s ‘generous offer’ (Oslo II, Camp David, 1995)

88 – The Palestinian diaspora

89 – Palestinian refugees in the Middle East

78-79 – Resources – in Print & Online

95 – About Shunpiking Magazine


* A book-length special edition from the editors of Shunpiking Magazine.
First Print run: 20,000 copies. 96 pages. 8.25 in x 10.755 in / 20.96 cm x 27.32 cm
40 full colour pages. 23 maps. ISBN 1-895987-15-6

To order the Dossier on Palestine, please send cheque or money order for $10.oo CDN or US or 10 Euro (includes taxes, S&H) to New Media Publications, P.O. Box 21377, Halifax, NS, Canada B3K 5Z1.

Bulk orders are available with a minimum order of 25 copies or more at $2.50 ea. plus the cost of shipping. In other words, you may keep 40 per cent of the retail price for your own program or organization. Our objective is the widest possible distribution. For exact pricing, including shipping, please contact us.


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