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Clearing the Waters – A documentary about resistance in Nova Scotia’s inshore fishery

Long line fisherman Fred Sears, sits chained to a spreader on a mast on the Bluenose 2 in Halifax. The Shelburne, NS, fisherman and his colleagues are protesting the death of the small boat fishery, which they say is being destroyed by the corporate trawler fleet | Tim Krochak

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Northern Command: Arrangements for improving military integration and rule

(29 January 2003) – DAILY MEETINGS run by Air Force General Ralph E. Eberhart now include 14 federal agencies “that otherwise rarely answer directly to the Pentagon,” The New York Times reports. General Eberhart is commander of the military’s recently established Northern Command or NorthCom, a combat command responsible for military activity inside the US, and in Canada, Mexico, Cuba and Puerto Rico. The 14 agencies have permanent representatives to NorthCom. They include the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the State Department, NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). According to The Times, they “meet to debate how the Pentagon should respond if terrorists strike again in the United States.” Continue reading

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Dossier on Palestine – A Land, a People

Dossier-on-Palestine.coverA BOOK-LENGTH SPECIAL EDITION, Dossier on Palestine, from the editors of Nova Scotia’s Shunpiking magazine is already being acclaimed as the only publication of its kind in North America on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. This original work is compiled with a host of excellent articles, ranging from up-to-date first person reporting from journalists, front-line doctors and activists to commentaries and in-depth essays on the situation. With unusual force and compelling effectiveness, this material brings stubborn fact and compassion at a decisive historical moment. Between its covers, a brilliantly diverse, enraging and engaging investigation of the latest Palestinian uprising unfolds, rich in essential insights. Continue reading


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Charade in Havana: Documents show Canadian diplomats gathered intelligence about Cuba for the U.S.

He who plunders … always lives in terror

By ISABEL VINCENT, National Post

(January 25, 2003) – AT THE HEIGHT of the Cold War in 1963, a junior Canadian diplomat stationed in Havana set off on a sensitive intelligence-gathering mission, armed only with a pencil and a sketchbook. Continue reading

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Canadian military offers 3,000 troops to invade Iraq

UncleSam_200“Putting everything on the table” – revelations in the media concerning the extent of the preparations for war by the “military planners” of the Canadian Forces. In this regard, it may be significant to note the tactics which the U.S. is using on Canada. According to the National Post, “US military planners appear to have had it with Ottawa’s dithering, and are taking out their displeasure on Canadian soldiers stationed at the US army’s Florida-based headquarters for Middle East operations … our officers will be excluded from war games and meetings related to Iraq.” But such revelations do not explain why Canadian solders are stationed there in the first place, nor why “military planners” have capitulated to the Pentagon nor why the Canadian government should capitulate to the U.S. if its stand for peace is as principled as it claims. Continue reading

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Opposing the war is a matter of conscience



JaniceACTON.CdnConscienceWHAT prompted Canada to give the U.S. the “statement of support” it demanded to launch aggression against Iraq? Canadian opposition to Bush’s war is so widespread that even Liberal MPs admit that their constituency offices are flooded with calls and e-mails from their own Liberal supporters enraged by Canada’s announcement that it is prepared to join Bush’s war without UN sanction.

While these MPs claim to oppose Canada’s participation in such a war, the Canadian working class and people must be very clear that every conceivable argument is being put forward to conciliate with Bush’s war. One Liberal MP who claims to oppose going to war says it can only be justified “in two extreme cases”: if the UN is deadlocked and thereby unable to make a decision, and if there is indisputable proof that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. Continue reading

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Halifax Political Forums – a weekly political-academic discussion series

“Peace and Nations in the 21st Century: Understanding the Causes of War”


Public Forums in Halifax every Wednesday evening, 7pm, on the theme “Peace and Nations in the 21st Century: Understanding the Causes of War,” from January 29 to April 2, 2003

PLACE: Dalhousie Student Union Building, 6136 University Ave., Halifax. Room: check at front desk.

January 29: Why Iraq?! Weapons of Mass Destruction? Regime Change? Oil? U.S. dictate? – Isaac Saney, Henson College, Dalhousie University. Specialist in international political economy; author Cuba: Revolution in Motion (forthcoming from Zed/Fernwood, fall 2003) Continue reading


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