Canada must not commit crimes against the peace! NO TO BUSH’S WAR!

WARonIRAQheader— Statement of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist), January 17, 2003 —

Scene from anti-war demonstration in Halifax on Saturday, January 18 as part of the Global Day of Action

Scene from anti-war demonstration in Halifax on Saturday, January 18 as part of the Global Day of Action

FOLLOWING the defeat of the Nazi-fascist forces in World War Two, the United Nations was founded “to maintain international peace and security,” “to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace” and “to bring about by peaceful means” for the settlement of international disputes. The UN Charter declares its founding as necessary “to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war.” When the Nuremberg Trials took place, “crimes against the peace” were declared to be even worse than atrocities committed in the course of war.

It is precisely “crimes against the peace” which the U.S. imperialists are planning to commit by launching aggression against Iraq and threatening the entire world with nuclear holocaust if they do not come under its dictate. It is precisely crimes against the peace which Canada is planning to commit by going along with the United States. It must not pass!

The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) declares that under no circumstances can crimes against the peace be provided with a justification. To say otherwise is to hold both principles, all notions of “civilized alues” and the international rule of law in utter contempt. The use of force and abandonment of the core legal restraint on the use of force in relations among states under the banner of counter-terrorism, democracy, defence of human rights or collective security makes the crimes against the peace all the more heinous; it does not provide them with a justification. To use force, let alone weapons of mass destruction – which are in the possession of the United States first and foremost – against states will create a terrible precedent which will elevate anarchy to authority internationally.

The U.S. is becoming increasingly reckless as it seeks to a ercome its economic crisis and the crisis of its system by attempting to control the Middle East so as to keep Europe in check and position itself to dominate Asia. At West Point, Bush declared that “the 20th century ended with a single surviving model of human progress based on non-negotiable demands of human dignity, the rule of law, limits on the power of the state, respect for women and private property, and free speech and equal justice and religious tolerance.” We as Canadian men and women of conscience do not accept this model, nor do we accept the hegemony of its embodiment, the United States of America, nor its declaration that “America” “can support and reward governments that make the right choices for their own people.” The fact that all the big powers are justifying such things to position themselves to share the spoils of war clearly shows that only the working class and peoples of the world have the ability to stop the warmongers and open humanity’s path to social progress.

CPC(M-L) strongly reiterates its position that only the working class and peoples of the world have the democratic right to make the choices they consider right for themselves. CPC(M-L) furthermore vigorously condemns the Canadian government for opting to join Bush’s war, with or without UN approval. No attempts to provide this war with a justification will wash. No country will emerge from this war unscathed. No nation which tries to provide such justification will survive.

CPC(M-L) calls on all its members and supporters, on all sympathizers and progressive forces to respond to the dangers which lie ahead by making every conceivable effort to go all out to organize the working class to lead the people in forming an anti-war government in this country. The workers must be called upon to themselves become worker politicians and unite the people on the basis of the principled stand which opposes the neo-liberal anti-social offensive, according to which the aim is to be competitive on global markets and participate in the inter-imperialist rivalry for world domination on the side of U.S. imperialism.

Canada must not be permitted to commit crimes against the peace!

No to Bush’s war!

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