Halifax People’s Voice resumes publication

ON THE occasion of the January 17-19 International Days of Action Against War on Iraq, the People’s Front-Halifax relaunched its newsbulletin Halifax People’s Voice, which appeared regularly through the 1980s. The six-page-bulletin highlighted the Canada for Peace Petition Campaign, announced the launching of weekly political forums to be held every Wednesday until mid-April on the theme “Peace and Nations in the 21st Century: Understanding the Causes of War” and opposed the concrete war preparations taking place in Halifax, whose harbour is a strategic U.S. and NATO port.

Halifax People’s Voice carried the following items:

1. People’s Front Launches Canada for Peace Petition Campaign

2. Political-Academic Discussion Series

3. The Issue Regarding Iraq

4. See a discuss the nationally-acclaimed film, No Harbour for War

5. About the People’s Front-Halifax

6. Canadian Soldiers Must Not Let It Pass! 7. End the Illegal occupation of Palestine!

8. Dossier on Palestine

9. No harbour for “military zones”

9. The Korean Peninsula Crisis: Who is to blame?!

10. Canada for Peace Petition

People’s Front-Halifax may be reached at hfxpf@yahoo.ca.

About the People’s Front-Halifax – Halifax People’s Voice*

In 1982 activists united in the Halifax Committee Against Imperialist War on the basis of a mass petition opposing the militarization of the city and the port. This petition sought the approval of Haligonians for this course of action. Over 5,000 people signed – students, workers, creators, people from all walks of life.

This initiative deepened into a broad program carried throughout the decade on the basis of unity in action and the main demand, No U.S. or Soviet Warships in Canadian Ports! HCAIW then joined the national People’s Front and constituted itself as its Halifax chapter.

Far from being rhetoric, this program was based on objective analysis of cold, hard reality. The naval “visits” of the superpowers, which posed the main danger of war, were dramatically increasing. The Pentagon had named CFB Shearwater as a “forward deployment” base. It carried out exercises in the Bedford Basin to ready troops for intervention in Nicaragua and Iran. We issued the call No Harbour for War! to speak out against the militarization of the port, its infrastructure, and of the culture, as well as the deployment of warships to the Caribbean far away from Canada. We believed that we could best contribute to peace by politically opposing war preparations occurring right in front of our eyes. In 1989 the People’s Front was the first organization to actively oppose the Gulf War as well as Canada’s role.

Now, with the threat of world war again looming, we are taking the initiative to reactivate the People’s Front in our city, and develop all over again a grassroots program of mobilization. We salute all those who have held the torch of peace high during these times and call on everyone to join together, regardless of affiliation, with the demand, No Harbour for War!

— Tony Seed

* Newsbulletin of the People’s Front-Halifax (January 17, 2003).

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