Dossier on Palestine – A Land, a People

Dossier-on-Palestine.coverA BOOK-LENGTH SPECIAL EDITION, Dossier on Palestine, from the editors of Nova Scotia’s Shunpiking magazine is already being acclaimed as the only publication of its kind in North America on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. This original work is compiled with a host of excellent articles, ranging from up-to-date first person reporting from journalists, front-line doctors and activists to commentaries and in-depth essays on the situation. With unusual force and compelling effectiveness, this material brings stubborn fact and compassion at a decisive historical moment. Between its covers, a brilliantly diverse, enraging and engaging investigation of the latest Palestinian uprising unfolds, rich in essential insights.

The main theme permeating its 96 pages is the steadfast struggle of the valiant Palestinian people for a just and legitimate self-determination and sovereignty. The Dossier also aims to clarify the fundamental principles of the rule of law, and the principles upon which it is based, including opposition to the use of force to settle conflicts within nations and between nations, are elaborated.

First Print run: 20,000 copies. 96 pages. 8.25 in a 10.755 in / 20.96 cm x 27.32 cm 40 full colour pages. 23 maps.

ISBN 1-895987-15


Bulk copies available for informational and fund-raising purposes at a 40 per cent discount.

For further information, please contact Shunpiking magazine:


mail: Shunpiking magazine, P.O. Box 31377, Halifax, NS, Canada, B3K 5Z1.

TML Daily, January 26, 2003 – No. 18 – Afternoon Edition


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3 responses to “Dossier on Palestine – A Land, a People

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  2. Gennaro Pasquale

    Excellent. Would like to get more copies if it is still available.


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