Clearing the Waters – A documentary about resistance in Nova Scotia’s inshore fishery

Long line fisherman Fred Sears, sits chained to a spreader on a mast on the Bluenose 2 in Halifax. The Shelburne, NS, fisherman and his colleagues are protesting the death of the small boat fishery, which they say is being destroyed by the corporate trawler fleet | Tim Krochak

CLEARING THE WATERS, a one-hour documentary about resistance in the Nova Scotian inshore fishery, had its world broadcast premiere on Vision TV on Monday, January 27. Filmed over a period of five years, Clearing the Waters takes a close look at the tragedy resulting from government and corporate fishing practices in traditional inshore communities of Nova Scotia. The film also vividly documents the resistance and trials of inshore fishermen, especially from Cape Sable Island in southwestern Nova Scotia, as they try to change federal policies and save a sustainable way of fishing.

The documentary is co-directed by Bill McKiggan (Fishing on the Brink, No Harbour for War) and Chuck Lapp (Inner Mountains, Inner Valleys) with original music by Lennie Gallant. It was produced by Envision Productions Ltd. of Halifax, in association with Vision TV.

For further information or to order copies: Chuck Lapp, Envision Productions Ltd. 2103 Bauer St. Halifax, N.S., B3K 3W4; phone (902) 422-1337; fax: (902) 422-4586 email:


TML Daily, VOL. 33 NO. 023

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