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Language rights: My encounters with English in India

This is a paper by an old friend of mine on the the perniciousness of cosmopolitanism at the expense of the native languages and thought material of the peoples of India. Continue reading

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The Government of Canada’s foreign policy review


SINCE JANUARY, the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) has been on the road with what it calls public consultations to get input of Canadians on the direction which Canada’s foreign policy should take. Staff at the constituency office of Foreign Minister Bill Graham mentioned that the Minister was somewhat frustrated because everywhere he goes, Canadians are only concerned with discussing the Iraq war and current affairs, specifically denouncing Canada’s duplicity as concerns the U.S. aggression against Iraq and the violation of international law. They are not addressing the questions DFAIT is posing in its review, they said. This is very revealing because it goes to the heart of the matter of this review. Continue reading

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Rallies against Iraq war continue in Halifax


HALIFAX (April 5, 2003) – ON APRIL 5, close to 200 people gathered at the Halifax Commons to continue the marches for peace that have been held every Saturday since the beginning of the U.S.-led aggression against Iraq. The demonstrators braved freezing temperatures and blowing snow and ice to gather again to demand an end to the war. Continue reading

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An ex-soldier speaks out: An Open Letter to Defence Minister McCallum

1 April, 2003

Dear Shunpiking,

I thought you might find this interesting given the topic of the talk of Tony’s recent radio program, “Canada’s Secret Military Record.” The attached is a letter I sent to the PM and McCallum, the Defence Minister. The references are to comments by NDP Ms. Libby Davies in the House of Commons regarding the status of Canadian soldiers serving as exchange personnel with US/UK forces in or near Iraq. The question being

(1) are these members at war?; or

(2) if not directly at war, what are there rules of engagement if they find themselves coming under effective enemy fire? In the end similar questions ­– with serious ramifications.

It is my contention, as the letter states, that the Minister of Defence, in NOT defining their role, is acting in dereliction of duty. He is ultimately responsible for setting policy, but what is the policy?


Will Continue reading

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