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System would give Yanks ‘control of Canadian missiles’

“Co-operative engagement capability”; Praising the Lord and passing the ammunition

EDITOR’S NOTE:  THE Halifax Daily News has published an article by its military reporter that provides information on one of the mechanisms for seamlessly integrating the Canadian Forces into the U.S. Armed Forces under the pretext of “inter-operability” and “co-operative engagement capability.” Military analysts acknowledge that the Canadian Navy is, in fact, the branch of the Canadian Forces with the highest degree of military and operational integration.

The article prettifies the annexation of the armed forces by promoting that this is all a matter of superior technology, not politics, and solely “defensive” in nature. The fact that the Canadian warships operate under U.S. and NATO strategic command once they leave port and the imperialistic aim of the missions in which these warships and billion-dollar missile systems are deployed is carefully left in the shade. Continue reading

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