March 20, 2004


MARCH 20 marks the first anniversary of the launching of the war of aggression and occupation of Iraq by the U.S.-led coalition in defiance of world opinion. The bankruptcy of the Anglo-American imperialists is such that within one year all their high-sounding justifications for this war of so-called liberation or the so-called elimination of weapons of mass destruction have become unraveled in their own ranks, destablizing and collapsing even allied governments and turning the “coalition of the willing” into a coalition of usurpers. The profound stand of millions of people of all seven continents against this war and against the use of force to settle conflicts between states in violation of the United Nations Charter and all relevant international law opens the path forward for humanity. Today all those forces around the world and throughout our country who have persistently stood against the Iraqi war and occupation are pledging to push further until their struggle succeeds.

The rapid pace of events since 9/11 – the illegal invasion of Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq, the invasion of Haiti, the renewed attempts to destabilize Venezuela and the Republic of Cuba through the funding of hooligans and other “dissent” in the name of “democratic opposition,” the intensified provocations against the constitutionally-established governments of Iran, Syria and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and the relentless slaughter of the Palestinian people together with the imposition of repressive laws and the criminalization of dissent under the pretext of the “war on terror” – shows the danger that imperialism led by the United States poses to the peoples and nations of the world. As long as there is imperialism, there will be the danger of imperialist world war and the drive of the peoples to emancipate themselves.

The gulf between the forces of peace and those of war is such that even various governments, such as the Government of Canada, have found it politic to claim that public opinion supported them in their stand not to participate with troops in the Bush-Blair invasion of Iraq in order to insinuate that they stand for peace. The U.S. coup in Haiti with the participation of armed troops from Canada and France further shows that the main and strategic aim of these states is the defence of the imperialist system of states, within which they seek to further advance their own interests, and the intensified exploitation of the world’s people and resources.

One of the main pretexts orchestrated by the media to justify wars of aggression is that of the failed or rogue state and that only the imperialist system as presently led and dominated by either the United States alone or the secret diplomacy of the big powers provides the road for modernization and nation-building. This disinformation seeks to conceal that it is the steadfast resistance of the peoples to aggression, occupation and war which opens the path to achieving a just and lasting peace and building the nation on a new and self-reliant basis. It is the peoples of each country who have not only the right to self determination but also the human and material means to be masters of their own destiny. The courageous defiance and resistance to the onslaught of the imperialists by the peoples in Iraq and Palestine, Korea, Haiti, Venezuela, Cuba and all over Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as Europe, North America and Oceania will prevail.

Our task remains to build the anti-war, anti-imperialist movement of the Canadian working class and people with the aim of establishing an anti-war government and winning genuine and lasting peace. Only the establishment of a genuine anti-war government offers a future for the people, the youth and the nation.

Source: TML Daily, March 20, 2004 – No. 42

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