On the occasion of the first anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Iraq

No to Occupation, Imperialist Aggression and War!

The Time to Prepare for the Dangers Which Lie Ahead is Now!

Take Up the Work to Establish an Anti-War Government in Canada!

– Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)*, March 20, 2004 –

ON THE OCCASION of the first anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Iraq, CPC(M-L) sends its militant revolutionary greetings to the peoples of Iraq, Palestine, the entire Middle East and the seven continents who are fighting for their right to be on their own terms. The invasion of Iraq launched another period in the anti-imperialist democratic struggle of the world’s peoples for whom national sovereignty, peace and prosperity are a necessity.

There can be no freedom for the Iraqi people or any other amid the bayonets of the occupier. According to the verdict of the U.S. imperialists and all the apologists for their invasion and occupation, including the government of Canada, Iraq proves the effectiveness of using military might to back up diplomatic goals. They are vying for a piece of Iraq by contending over the so-called transition to democracy while the U.S. is reduced to celebrating the “success” of its foreign policy with repeated emphasis on its right to use might to make right. They are proving over and over that imperialism means aggression and war and that only the life and death struggle of the peoples in defence of their sovereignty, freedom and rights will bring about security and peace.

Since the U.S. imperialists broke ranks with the United Nations Security Council last year and launched their war of aggression against Iraq with only Britain and Spain on their side, nothing has remained the same. While the U.S. striving for domination is expressed in its demand that all countries must accept that the entire world is a U.S. sphere of influence, the U.S. hegemony is contested by the other big powers. Already the “national interests” of the European powers are clashing with those of the Americans. Already Russian President Vladimir Putin, following the American lead, has taken measures to concentrate the power of the executive in his own person. From this vantage point, he is now decrying the loss of the Soviet empire as he prepares to contest the U.S. take over of Central Asia. How long will it take the Russian, French and German imperialists to decide not to back down in the face of the demands of the U.S. imperialists that there should be no zones of influence other than their own? This inter-imperialist contradiction is bound to sharpen and has emerged as the factor which poses the grave danger of a third world war. The day will come when one or another imperialist power or rival bloc will no longer afford to let the U.S. imperialists rule the roost.

Brinkmanship is the method of the U.S. imperialists to get what they want. However, the world is not held hostage to this but to the conception of the big powers that an international rule of law is based on their right to make deals between themselves. The people are asked to accept this as “the will of the international community.” Meanwhile, the more the big powers position themselves to contest the supremacy of the United States, the more the U.S. imperialist declaration of omnipotence leads it to carry out adventures which cause tremendous suffering to the peoples.

In this affair, Canada is fishing in troubled waters to make hay while the sun shines. The international rule of law it espouses is the right of the big powers to engage in secret diplomacy, conspire against the peoples and call this the “will of the international community.”

The UN Security Council has betrayed the UN Charter. It sanctions governments and constitutions based on the conception of the European nation-state which defends the property rights of the contending forces. This also underscores the inability of the UN to defend an international order where every country, big or small, is equal and ensure their right to self-determination is defended. While the UN Millennium Summit affirmed these principles, the big powers have de facto imposed their conception of limited sovereignty by staging coups d’etat to overthrow elected governments and declare constitutions can be overthrown if they are not based on the spirit which they say is the right one. In this way, they have used force to overthrow the elected government of Haiti and are grossly interfering in the internal affairs of Venezuela, Zimbabwe and other countries to achieve the same aim. Side by side with this, they manipulate the human rights issue along with the alleged danger of weapons of mass destruction vis-à-vis Cuba, China, Syria, Iran, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and any other country which is defying their dictate. Even as George W. Bush declared the success of constitution-making in Afghanistan and Iraq, Kosovo is once again in turmoil. Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti all show that this kind of democracy, which is established through the use of force of the foreign occupier, is based on national subjugation and enslavement.

CPC(M-L) categorically opposes the Eurocentric conception and imposition of constitution-making through the barrel of the gun based on the premise that only the European nation-state which enshrines the defence of private property is a guide for the rule of law. The peoples are entitled to constitute their nations on the basis of principles which guide them to elaborate a way of life that permits their people to flourish and contribute to the same for all others.

On this occasion, CPC(M-L) calls on the Canadian working class and people to seriously consider the grave danger posed by the imperialist striving for domination and factional fighting and fight for the unity of the workers and peoples of the world against imperialism and all reaction. They must seriously prepare by taking all the measures required to establish an anti-war government which will act as a bulwark against this danger.

As a first step, CPC(M-L) calls on the Canadian working class and people to step up their work to advance new forms of organization which empower them. The aim of these organizations is to enable the people to deliberate on the matters of concern to themselves, their collectives and societies and humankind and take the appropriate decisions. The work to organize their peers at the places of work, in the educational institutions, neighbourhoods and seniors’ homes is the most important at this time.  People have the experience that if they are organized amongst their peers, even the most powerful media will not be able to divert them, even the most treacherous elements will not be able to sow divisions in their ranks or harm their interests. On the other hand, if people are not constituted as an organized force on the basis of an agenda they themselves set, it does not matter how much they wish to see good results, it will not be possible. The people who recognize the need to empower themselves and be effective must come together and organize others to do the same.

No to Occupation, Imperialist Aggression and War!

The Time to Prepare for the Dangers Which Lie Ahead is Now!

Take Up the Work to Establish an Anti-War Government in Canada!

* CPC(M-L) is registered with Elections Canada under the name Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada (MLPC).

Source: TML Daily, March 20, 2004 – No. 42

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