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Windsor Peace Coalition discusses interference in Lebanon

“There is no occupation of Lebanon by Syria. This is a bi-lateral arrangement between the two sovereign governments.”

On April 13, the anniversary of the beginning of the civil war in Lebanon, the Windsor Peace Coalition met to discuss the roots of the current situation in Lebanon in order to take a stand on current developments. Discussion began with a brief presentation of the interventionist roles various big powers, particularly the US, France, England and Israel have played following World War I to divide the Lebanese people on religious and ethnic lines to serve their empire building interests. Continue reading

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The Martin cabinet’s silence about Zionist settlement expansion in East Jerusalem is far more – and far worse – than a matter of mere “complicity”

Bill C-19, the War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity Act: “An explicit Canadian government plan to provide a haven in this country for Israeli war criminals.” GARY ZATMAN*

Considering the deafening silence from the Martin cabinet about the Sharon government’s announced plans, and actions already taken, to make provision for an additional 3,500 “settlers” in the Maale Adnumim bloc in illegally-annexed “East Jerusalem,” the recent appearance of Prof. Michael Mandel’s reminder, via the CanPalNet website, that the entirely illegal Zionist colonisation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip constitute war crimes under Canadian law is indeed timely. Continue reading

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News blackout on largest-ever US Homeland Security exercise within Canada


HALIFAX (April 19, 2005) – From April 4 to 8 US Homeland Security carried out a massive exercise, “Exercise Triple Play,” which included the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, home of the strategic port of Halifax where US President George W Bush “visited” on December 3, speaking to 300 mainly homeland security personnel at Pier 21.

According to a press release on the Homeland Security website, the exercise was the largest ever conducted by the US, involving some 10,000 people at various levels of government in the United States, 19 Canadian federal departments and agencies as well as Britain. The irony of all of this is that, after such an intensive mobilization at the expense of millions of dollars, you couldn’t tell it by the media. A Google search reveals that there has so far been a complete media blackout in Canada on the exercise following the initial announcement one month ago.

This raises the question: was this exercise a “preventive” exercise or a totally criminal blackmail of gigantic proportions? Continue reading

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Titan IV rocket – No to U.S. violations of Canadian sovereignty

TML Daily vigorously denounces the cover-up by the Government of Canada regarding the violation of Canadian sovereignty by the U.S. On April 7, Defence Minister Bill Graham stated that the U.S. Department of Defence had only agreed to delay the launch of a Titan IV rocket, which is set to drop a 10-tonne booster in a 25 square kilometre “hazard area” located 315 km southeast of St. John’s, Newfoundland. The government gives the impression that everything is under control and nothing will be done to violate Canadian sovereignty or endanger the safety of Canadians. Continue reading

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Attacks mount against annexationist accord


HALIFAX (16 April 2005) – DESPITE a virtual silence in the Parliament and the media amidst all the fuss about the sponsorship scandal, opposition has begun to be more widely voiced more at the agreements struck on 23 March by Prime Minister Paul Martin, US President George W. Bush and Mexican President Vincente Fox in Texas behind the backs of the peoples of the three countries. Continue reading

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Monopolies hail North American ‘partnership’

Forging a United States of North American Monopolies


HALIFAX (16 April 2005) – REPRESENTATIVES of the monopolies in Canada and the United States are strongly backing the March 23rd summit held between Prime Minister Martin, US President Bush and Mexican President Fox, the executive decree on North American partnership, and the plans to hold regular summits.

Nancy Hughes Anthony, president of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, said the partnership decree is “a very positive step in moving forward on key economic and trade issues that will ensure a more competitive and prosperous North America.” Continue reading

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Senate Committee on mass media asks Shunpiking Magazine to speak

THE SENATE Committee on the Mass Media has invited Shunpiking Magazine to present its views on the monopolization of the media.
HALIFAX (12 April 2005) — THE SENATE Committee on the Mass Media has invited Shunpiking Magazine to present its views on the monopolization of the media.The Standing Senate Committee on Transport and Communications, chaired by Senator Joan Fraser, commenced an investigation into the present state of the Canadian media in 2003, holding all its hearings in Ottawa. This year it has been holding hearings in Western Canada and will be visiting St. John’s, Saint John, Moncton and Halifax. Continue reading


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