Windsor Peace Coalition discusses interference in Lebanon

“There is no occupation of Lebanon by Syria. This is a bi-lateral arrangement between the two sovereign governments.”

On April 13, the anniversary of the beginning of the civil war in Lebanon, the Windsor Peace Coalition met to discuss the roots of the current situation in Lebanon in order to take a stand on current developments. Discussion began with a brief presentation of the interventionist roles various big powers, particularly the US, France, England and Israel have played following World War I to divide the Lebanese people on religious and ethnic lines to serve their empire building interests. This, it was pointed out, is the method by which these powers have tried to incite civil war in Lebanon and the entire Middle East, as they are doing today. The presentation also focused on how the situation in Lebanon must be looked at in the context of the entire Middle East, specifically the continuing occupation of Palestine and the overall plan of the United States to create the “bigger Middle East.” It was pointed out that there is no way to physically enlarge the Middle East and that instead, what Bush is referring to is US plans to re-divide the Middle East into countries and nations on religious and ethnic lines so as to impose their imperial project on the people of that region.

The role of the Lebanese resistance Hizb’Allah was also discussed in the context of US attempts to facilitate its aims in the region. It was pointed out that Hizb’ Allah is rooted in the struggle to expel the Israeli occupation forces from Lebanon. The resistance began in response to the illegal invasion of the Israeli army during the Lebanese civil war. To this day, Israeli still occupies areas of Lebanese territory.

The point was made that UN Security Council Resolution 1559, which calls for full Syrian withdrawal from Lebanese territory and the disarming of all Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias, is actually aimed at undermining the ability of the Lebanese people to defend themselves against ongoing violations of Lebanese sovereignty by Israel. The example of the Shaba farms, currently occupied by Israel in Southern Lebanon and the frequent violations of Lebanese airspace by Israeli fighter jets showed that the US is deliberately using the UN Security Council to facilitate Israeli aggression and its continued violation of the UN Charter.

In terms of current events, the presentations on the history of foreign interference in Lebanon gave insights into how the US, France and the Canadian government are trying to stir up divisions today. Following the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, the US and Canada deliberately used the occasion to call for Syria’s withdrawal from Lebanon and the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1559. The assassination benefited these foreign powers in their disinformation campaign to justify interfering in Lebanese internal affairs and Lebanons relations with Syria. The point was made that whoever killed Hariri, it is the US, France and Israel who benefitted.

The following motions were passed unanimously in order to continue the discussion:

1) There is no occupation of Lebanon by Syria. This is a bi-lateral arrangement between the two sovereign governments.

2) Neither the UN Security Council nor the US has any mandate to interfere in the internal affairs of Lebanon.

TML Daily, April 26, 2005 – No. 68


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