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Haligonians protest Canadian occupation of Haiti

By Haiti Action Network

HALIFAX (May 19, 2005) – APPROXIMATELY 70 people gathered in downtown Halifax, Haiti Flag Day, to protest the illegal Canadian occupation in Haiti. Stops were made at the offices of Canadian corporate profiteers operating in Haiti. Speakers from various sectors throughout the city spoke about the need for continued solidarity against the brutal, illegitimate government in Haiti.

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Reporters Without Borders unmasked: Its well-financed private arrangement with Otto Reich to destroy Cuba’s economy

By DIANA BARAHONA*, Council on Hemispheric Affairs

  • Media-CulpaRobert Ménard, founder of Reporters Without Borders (RSF), is out to bring down Castro rather than protect journalists.
  • Tens of thousands of U.S. taxpayer dollars go to finance an organization that critically misuses its calculated similarity to the name of a highly regarded group, Doctors without Borders (MSF).
  • Rather than a bona fide NGO, RSF is an extremist anti-Castro shock brigade.
  • Ménard is a propagandist extraordinaire and committed zealot on taxpayer funds.
  • Saatchi and Saatchi teams up with Bacardi in an attempt to trash the Cuba tourist industry.
  • Vivendi Universal provides hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of in-kind resources to Ménard.
  • Concern about journalists is an afterthought.

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