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Amateur sport – an election issue

Politics makes for strange bedfellows – even in cricket

The Senator from the Halifax Commons


Special to Canada Cricket Online, Posted Monday, January 23, 2006

HALIFAX (19 January 2006) – “It ain’t cricket,” says Tony Seed, Halifax candidate of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada, referring to the unrepresentative party system which he says treats Canadians like voting cattle to be prodded this way and that.

Mr Seed says that electors need to affirm their basic democratic rights to have a real say in the decisions that affect them, and has advanced detailed proposals in that direction during the current federal elections campaign. But, like candidates from the small parties across Canada, his views have been completely excluded from the local media campaign. A handful of powerful media monopolies decide what information Canadians will receive, and who they see as the ‘alternative’. Continue reading


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Federal election: In the media – Southender magazine Q & A

Southender Magazine election feature

Ian Ross, Editor

January 15, 2006

The Southender community magazine has a circulation of over 12,000, throughout the Halifax riding. The total response was limited to “between 350-500 words absolute maximum.”

As an introduction, please provide our readers with a bit of a personal background on yourself, your qualifications and experience, your goals/issues which you would most like to see addressed during your time in office. Continue reading

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We Need Anti War MPs – No Harbour for War!

“The harbour of Halifax should only be used for peaceful purposes – economic trade, shipbuilding and tourism – not war preparations.”

By TONY SEED, (Halifax) and CHARLES SPURR (Dartmouth–Cole Harbour)

January 13, 2006

We are running in this election to call on voters to elect Anti-War MPs in Halifax and Dartmouth.

Our vision for Halifax and Dartmouth is embodied in the program No Harbour for War! Halifax is the most heavily militarized city in Canada and its port is being used as a staging area — the blockade of Cuba, Dominican Republic, First Gulf War, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and the invasion of Iraq. Continue reading


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Questions from the electors

January 2006

Political Empowerment, War & Peace, Poverty & Homelessness, The Environment, Hereditary Rights of First Nations, The Law & Order Agenda, National Unity, Fisheries & Oceans, Seniors & Healthcare, Same Sex Marriage

What in your view is the central issue in this election? Continue reading

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In the media: Progressive Canadians defend Palestinian national rights against the forces of darkest reaction



(January 8, 2006) – THE Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada [MLPC] supports the struggle of the Palestinian people for their national liberation, including full implementation of their right of return. In the January 23rd, 2006 federal elections currently under way across the country, the party has fielded 69 candidates, coast to coast in five of the country’s 10 provinces – including Tony Seed, publisher and a coeditor of the acclaimed Dossier on Palestine. Continue reading

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Foreign Policy and Palestine – an election issue

We Need Anti-War MPs

(6 January 2006) Tony Seed – publisher and co-editor of the Dossier on Palestine who is presenting himself as the candidate in Halifax for the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada – addresses this statement to the electors of Halifax in general and its Palestinian, Arab and Muslim members in particular:

I am running in this election to call on Haligonians to elect for the first time in history an Anti-War MP. Continue reading

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