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The election and the crisis of Nova Scotia

Editorial by TONY SEED, Shunpiking Magazine

HALIFAX (24 May 2006) – ON MAY 13, premier Rodney MacDonald called a provincial election to be held on June 13, a 30-day campaign. Along with the Conservative, Liberal and New Democratic parties, a Green Party is fielding a full slate of 52 candidates. Continue reading

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Extension of Panama Canal project: More than an apple of discord

By NIDIA DIAZ, Granma International

Remilitarizing the Panama Canal. U.S. warship in Panama Canal, part of Panamax 2005 military exercises, in which the Canadian Forces also participated

HAVANA (May 12, 2006) – ON APRIL 24, Martín Torrijos, president of Panama, announced the official proposal for the extension of the Canal, consisting of the construction of a third lock with a view to the so-called Panamax boats, superior in depth to the current Panamax, transiting that inter-ocean route. From that point and even long before, voices have been raised to renege on that decision, approval of which is to go before Parliament and a national referendum.

Viability studies on the project were undertaken by the ACP (Panama Canal Authority) and its executive, while the president has made the green light conditional on – in the first place – the amplification being self-financing, meaning that the investment would have to be recouped from progressive increases in tolls and not via taxes on the population. Continue reading

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Nova Scotia: Stora Enso lock out continues into fifth month

Mass demonstration in Port Hawkesbury in support of forestry workers

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Legacies: Lives lived / past progressive – Peter Bowman

PETER BOWMAN, Editorial, Shunpiking Magazine

• My Thoughts on Pete Bowman by MARRIE BERKELAAR

• Biography by The Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone Continue reading

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25/90 & An Ghaeilge: Honouring Bobby Sands and James Connolly


Mac-Talla, annual Gaelic supplement of Shunpiking Magazine, May 2006

THE 90TH ANNIVERSARY of the Easter Rising in Dublin and 25th anniversary of the H-Block hunger strikes in Belfast have become times of great celebration for the Irish people and are being commemorated throughout the world, including Canada. Activities include marches, seminars, public meetings, plays, films and exhibitions. The actions of those who stood up and fought for independence in 1916 and the courageous sacrifice of the ten hunger strikers who gave their lives in 1981 represent the best of Ireland. They typify a valiant spirit that has endured much suffering over the centuries of armed British colonial occupation. Continue reading


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