CIC Award for Media Excellence – Letters from Colleagues across Canada

25 November 2006

Tony Seed,

Editor & Publisher,

Shunpiking Magazine, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Dear Tony,

Congratulations on receiving the Award of Media Excellence 2006 from the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC). For many years we have been journalistic colleagues and kindred spirits in building an independent media that tells the truth and provides Canadians with information relevant to their concerns. Your journalism, embodied in the ongoing work of Shunpiking Magazine and elsewhere, is at the same time fully partisan in its unrelenting defence of the rights of all, and most especially, those singled out for attack by the Canadian state and world reaction. Typical of your work is Shunpiking’s production of Dossier on Palestine and numerous articles exposing the ongoing assault of the Canadian state on the Islamic community in Canada and abroad. It makes me very happy for you that your important journalistic work has been celebrated by the largest Islamic organization in Canada, the CIC, in such a significant way.

I also want to say a word about your speech which deeply moved me. What most impressed me was your affirmation of the Canadian people, amongst whom, standing second to none, are Canadians of Islamic faith, and your utter rejection of chauvinism of any kind. You honour the community. With the same large-hearted spirit you affirm the contribution of all those journalists who have sacrificed, many with their lives, to inform the world’s peoples about the realities of the havoc wrought by imperialism, and the people’s heroic resistance to affirm their identity and dignity. You honour and encourage all of us. You yourself put telling the truth above your own personal career and the humiliation by the media barons and, as you cited Hardial Bains, “If the Globe and Mail won’t tell the truth, Tony Seed will tell the truth.” You set out the tasks of modern journalism at this time, a journalism that seeks truth from facts so as to provide a guide to action, a task impelled by “a historic cause.”

I have to tell you Tony that reading the Dossier on Palestine helped dispel years of Zionist and western imperialist confusion-making and disinformation on the history and practice of Israel as a criminal and rogue state. It was personally a big assistance in getting the record straight and gaining a concise and helpful understanding of the struggle of the Palestinian people for their just nation-building cause which in turn has helped me enlighten others through my own broadcasting work. Thanks to you and your hard-working colleagues for that contribution.

Again warmest congratulations on your Media Excellence award. Keep up the good work my dear friend! With best wishes for further success,

Charles Boylan, Producer,

Wake Up With Co-Op!/DISCUSSION

CFRO 102.7 FM

Vancouver, BC

* * *

Date: 4 November 2006

Dear Tony,

I just read the speech you delivered at the Canadian Islamic Congress award ceremony recognizing your contribution to bringing out the truth. It was excellent and very thought-provoking.

You touched on aspects that many of us face on a daily basis here in Toronto, a much larger city than your home base. One would have thought with all this diversity and large numbers, there would be greater understanding of Muslims and what they stand for but we are dealing with an environment in which deliberate misinformation has become part of the regular discourse. Regrettably, many mainstream media outlets, under corporate influence and sponsorship, are actively promoting disinformation and hate.

Please accept hearty congratulations on receiving a well-deserved award. I am glad that the CIC recognized your contribution; I wish it had been done so earlier.

Congratulations also for not surrendering to the forces of hate and darkness. Your decision to battle on against enormous odds after being asked to leave the Globe in 1971 despite being nominated for a national award speaks volumes for the level of hypocrisy that exists in the mainstream media. One is expected to conform, not ask or raise awkward questions, it would appear. So much for freedom of information and speech.

Once again, congratulations on receiving a well-deserved award.

Allow me to introduce myself briefly. I publish an Islamic newsmagazine, Crescent International. It has been in regular print for 35 years and is based here in Toronto, although it is circulated worldwide. You can view it at Some years ago, the CIC recognized us as a leading community newsmagazine. The National Post immediately went after the CIC and targeted it for giving an award to a newsmagazine that supports “terrorism”. Since we support the struggle of the Palestinians and Lebanese to resist foreign occupiers, for the National Post, this is akin to supporting terrorism. We refuse to give in to such nonsense or blackmail. Like you, we too have struggled against enormous odds.

We also have an Islamic Centre in York Region. It is one of the most active in Toronto. We interact with other faith communities on a regular basis. We hope it would be possible for you to attend one of our programs/conferences in the near future. It will be great to meet you face to face. With best wishes and regards,

Zafar Bangash

Crescent International

* * *

Date: 4 November 2006

Dear Mr. Seed,

I would like to seize this opportunity and congratulate you on the Award by the Canadian Islamic Congress…

Even though it is a symbolic matter, but it does mean a lot to our Muslim Community to have good journalists in our Canadian Society who are willing practice their freedom of speech and say what they think is right and express their opinions and freedom of speech, despite of all the pressure from propaganda of Media and some Politicians around…

We hope that more journalists and writers tell readers the true story of what is going on with courage in a time of challenges and influence from injustice…

We salute you with honour in this occasion and wish you all the best…

Best Regards,





Off.: (450) 663-6601

Fax: (450) 6637066

Cell: (514) 924-4410

* * *

Date: 4 November 2006

I read your speech to the Canadian Islamic Congress and that on behalf of Dr. Ismail Zayid. Both are excellent. Congratulations, once again. By the way, it was my pleasure indeed to be one of those who nominated you and Dr. Ismail for the CIC’s awards. Not only for the Dossier on Palestine but for all the work through Shunpiking, the magazine and your website, for social justice, like the Black History supplement and on the First Nations. It is inhuman, the situation of the Indian people, that we learn more from Shunpiking than even the CBC, which is supported by the taxdollars of Canadians. You know Tony, from your own struggle too well, that the media is owned and controlled by a handful of very wealthy people. It does not tell the truth. This is why Shunpiking and your work is important.

Congratulations, Tony, and Best Wishes.

Hilmi Salem, PhD

Halifax, NS


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