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In Memoriam: Veerasingan Dhuruvasangary, 1950-2006

Originally delivered as the Eulogy, Toronto, Ontario, 10 December 2006 by Robin Oakley with Tony Seed, and edited for publication

Yet another prototype

(December 29, 2006) – Veerasingan Dhuruvasangary passed away on 2 December 2006 in Scarborough General Hospital in Toronto, Ontario. A scientist, an inventor, writer, artist, internationalist and a beloved friend, we called this modest, unassuming man Dhuruva or, more often than not, Inventor.

Born in Point Pedro (Jaffna), Sri Lanka in September 1950, he used to say “I had two fathers: my birth father, and Russia.” Continue reading


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In Memoriam – Veerasingan Dhuruvasangary: A Reflection

Yet another prototype


By TONY SEED*, Monsoon Journal

Veerasingan Dhuruvasangary, B.Sc, M.Sc, M.Phil, P.hD, was a scientist, an inventor, a writer, an artist, an internationalist and above all, a beloved friend; we called this modest, unassuming man Dhuruva or, more often than not, Inventor. Continue reading

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The ‘people of the past’: murdering in the name of blue-eyed, blond-haired supremacy

The Canadian soldiers and their porn, out there “hunting” (by implication) for brown-haired, brown-skinned, brown-eyed Afghans is a very disturbing and revolting example of racism, sexism and pro-US, pro-war propaganda

By ENA BOUTLIER, Shunpiking Online

Headline: “Nova Scotia’s Hardcore Medic: Springhill’s Fretter brings both giggles, toughness to posting duty in Panjwaii” by Bill Graveland, Canadian Press, in The Chronicle Herald (Saturday, 25 November 2006) as well as the Halifax Daily News 26 November 2006 and other newspapers across Canada. Article is reproduced below.

HALIFAX (3 December 2006) – THIS BIZARRE piece of pro-war propaganda from the Canadian Press [1] is laden with both racist and ethnocentric sentiment combined with overt sexism and female objectification that trivialises war and human suffering.

The female medic, a mother of five, indicates that members of the Afghan Army “are forever begging her to pose for pictures with them” because of her “… ‘blond hair and blue eyes’.” Continue reading

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