U.S. racists out of Canada!

Statement of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) Halifax against the “visit” of another U.S. racist, Jared Taylor, and the Harper Government’s ongoing complicity, 6 March 2007

[Please note: At the last minute this “debate” was called off, reportedly by the administration of St Mary’s University who offered Prof March $5,000 towards an “educational video”]

Peter March is a “philosophy” professor at Saint Mary’s University known for defending the virulent anti-Islamic cartoons as “free speech.” Jared Taylor is an advocate from the United States of “race separation” authorized by the Canadian government to make a return visit to Halifax. Tonight they are staging a debate at Saint Mary’s University over “values” of Western civilization regarding “multicultural diversity” and “integration.”

When Jared Taylor first poked his pig snout in Halifax back in January, people – with the notable exception of a tiny handful of government hacks and corporate media flacks moaning about “mob violence” – sent him packing. The CPC(M-L) joins with all progressive and democratic people in upholding January’s just verdict and opposing and denouncing this latest provocation of Nova Scotians.

Given Ottawa’s hue and cry about the necessity to deport “suspicious” Arabs and Muslims as “terrorists,” the role of the Canadian Border Services Agency, under the Harper government, in enabling Taylor’s return visit is outrageous. The collusion of the media in providing this U.S. racist with a platform became clear during the earlier visit. He was here one night and the media coverage carried on for almost two weeks. CTV National News opened the door, asking him whether he would consider returning to Halifax. The Chronicle-Herald and Halifax Daily News attempted to legitimize him as a “controversial writer” and “race realist” – while vilifying, attempting to criminalize and equating the vigorous opposition he encountered at the Lord Nelson Hotel as comparable to actions of “the Ku Klux Klan.” This stand was echoed by Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic Jewish Council (on the Rick Howe radio show), a Zionist who attended Taylor’s press conference only to publicly denounce the action of the youth for “publicizing” Taylor’s racist views.

Over many years, Haligonians have proudly raised the banner of “No Harbour for War!” In opposition to this just stand, Jared Taylor represents the same logic of racism and fascism used to justify invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq today and possibly Iran tomorrow. The issue is to defend the rights of all, against every effort to divide the polity on the basis of reactionary anti-people doctrines and outlook. This strengthens the demand that Halifax, Haligonians and Canadians not provide any harbour for imperialist war.

Whether it is to shield the government from criticism or further promote militarism and fascisation of life in Halifax, those who reduce and divert the issue to some individual’s “freedom of speech” seem to have another agenda. From his writings and speeches, Jared Taylor is well-known as a U.S master-race supremacist. Why did the Canadian government allow him to enter the country – not once, but twice? People can, and should, draw the warranted conclusions.


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