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‘Liberty visits’ (II): Who will pay the bill?

The “visiting” warships of the US Navy need not be armed with strategic nuclear warheads, be firing their weapons or be waging war in a country to kill, maim or hurt a country’s population or otherwise negatively impact the civil, political, social, economic and cultural lives of the peoples. Commentary by TONY SEED

God damn them all!

I was told we’d cruise the seas for American gold

We’d fire no guns – shed no tears

Now I’m a broken man on a Halifax pier

The last of Barrett’s Privateers.

Stan Rogers

HALIFAX (22 June 2007) – ONE of the biggest hurdles for the world’s lone superpower, amid its debacle in Iraq and Afghanistan, is overcoming distrust of the Bush administration. Militarily, the United States must forge “partnerships” and work with smaller navies such as Canada’s without raising protests about aggression or subverting national sovereignty. Amid the protests over Iraq and Afghanistan, the Americans and the willing and eager Canadian media are learning subtlety in providing aid. Continue reading


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‘Liberty visits’ (I): Return of the ‘Dial-a-sailor’ program?

 ‘It is a deplorable situation indeed when the Canadian government and major media make themselves immoral instruments of prostituting Canadian women and girls, repeating outright lies as if they were facts. The message is unmistakable. Canadian women and girls: head for the bars on the weekend to look for well-heeled American sailors.’

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Palestinian resistance cuts the Gordian knot

Position of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) on the expulsion of U.S./Israeli-backed gangster elements from the Gaza Strip, June 14-15, 2007

Demonstration in Hamilton, July 22, 2006

THESE MOMENTS in Occupied Palestine and on the world scale are bringing out the very best and the very worst which human civilization has given rise to: either solutions to the problems faced by the people based on fundamental principles of international law, or anarchy raised to the level of authority. Continue reading

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All Out to Oppose “Atlantica”!

Annexation No! Sovereignty Yes! Defend the Rights of All!

No Harbour for War!

All Out for Noon-Hour Rally and March Against Atlantica, Friday, June 15

Victoria Park (corner of Spring Garden and South Park) to World Trade and Convention Centre, Halifax

June 11, 2007: Opening Demonstration against Atlantica meeting, Halifax, NS

“ATLANTICA” is meeting in Halifax from June 14-16. The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) vigorously supports all the actions and activities organized in Halifax since June 11 and throughout the Maritimes during the previous year against the Atlantica project. All out for the noon-hour rally and march today at Victoria Park! Continue reading

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Geo-Strategic Significance of Atlantica Project

By TONY SEED and GARY ZATZMAN, TML Daily, June 15, 2007 – No. 98

THE ATLANTICA PROJECT or Atlantic Gateway project is a new and aggressive variant of old annexationist schemes to integrate the Canadian Maritimes with New England in the service of the biggest monopolies. The right of these monopolies is being challenged and must be defeated. As part of this challenge to monopoly right, Canadian working people must establish considerations for their own all-sided, self-reliant and socialized economy that serves the needs of the people and their society and supports the same in the U.S., Mexico and the rest of the world. Continue reading


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For your information: Atlantic Institute for Market Studies


TML Daily, June 15, 2007 – No. 98

Original map of “Atlantica” in 2005

TRADE UNIONISTS and other social activists are rallying in Halifax all this week against the latest annual conference of the financial oligarchs from the New England states, the Canadian Atlantic provinces and Québec promoting the Atlantica project, a new arrangement for deeper integration with the United States (later renamed the Atlantic Gateway – ed.). In the lead up to the conference, daily media reports are quoting various government officials, business association spokespeople, and think-tank “experts” to tell the people how they should view the event. Even different “alternatives” are discussed. To assist the workers and people to establish their own thinking and point of view on the Atlantica project and what to do about it, TML is posting information about the ideological and corporate forces behind the Atlantica project. Continue reading


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Crisis in forestry: More mill closures in New Brunswick and Quebec

(6 June 2007 ) – UPM Kymmene paper and ground wood mills in Miramichi, NB will shut down for nine to 12 months, and four more mills in Quebec are facing temporary shutdown, a communiqué from the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (CEP) informs. Continue reading

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