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Why is Israel attending an OAS Summit?


(May 31, 2009) – ISRAEL, which is gradually losing the support it enjoyed in the EU and the U.S., is planning to develop an overt and covert presence in Latin America to counter Iran’s growing ties in the region. Readers may remember its unsavoury role in arming and training the bloody security forces of the Central American oligarchy during the 1970s and 1980s, which was exposed in the Contra scandal during the Reagan administration. Continue reading

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The pope and the anti-semites

VATICAN/JERUSALEM (Own report) – The German Pope’s visit to Israel, that begins today, is being overshadowed by accusations of his supporting anti-Semitic forces. This is due to a serious internal dispute of the Catholic Church in Germany over the so called Jewish Missionizing. Bishops close to the Pope loudly protested against a recently published declaration calling on Continue reading

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