Vigorously oppose ‘Halifax International Security Forum’; All out to build the people’s movement against Imperialist war and aggression!

Nova Scotia Committee, Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)

THE Government of Canada has provided an astonishing budget of $2.5-million to fund the two-and-a-half-day “Halifax International Security Forum” to be held November 20-22. The organizing of the Forum is directly linked to promotion of the Atlantic Gateway, a project designed to facilitate rapid transport and military links between South Asia, the Middle East and the U.S. It is thus no accident that this “security forum” is to be held in the port of Halifax, headquarters of Maritime Command and the most important NATO military base in the North Atlantic.

The Nova Scotia Committee of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) calls on you to oppose the “Halifax International Security Forum” which has been organized to further nefarious ends of the U.S. imperialists with which the government of Canada has fully associated itself. As the U.S. competes with its Western European allies for domination over Europe and Asia, it also seeks to ensure U.S. hegemonism over Latin America with the deployment of its refurbished Fourth Fleet and the establishment of seven new U.S. military bases in Columbia. Another aim is to establish U.S. control over the resources of the Arctic. By gathering together three hundred “officials and prominent security analysts from six continents” to give rise to a “new strategic doctrine” to define and legitimize the direction of NATO for the coming period, we will not only see more attempts to justify and facilitate the barbaric aggression in Afghanistan, but also the NATO bloc’s “drive to the East” and its increased presence in the “North Atlantic” where “European states” such as Turkey, Israel, Egypt and Morocco have already been included. The peace-loving and anti-war forces of Nova Scotia cannot allow such a dangerous gathering to take place without opposition.

According to the calculations of the U.S. imperialists and the European big powers, whosoever dominates Europe dominates Asia and potentially the entire globe. The U.S., Britain, Germany and France all have their ambitions in this direction and they clash at every step. In light of the tensions developing between these powers, it is clear that the new “strategic doctrine” is being initiated to re-align NATO’s expansion in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Pacific, Africa, South America, the Arctic, etc. The new “strategic doctrine” is to serve the struggle amongst the “allies” and against other non-member and sovereign states such as Iran, China, Russia, Korea, Cuba, Bolivia, Venezuela and any state that conducts an independent foreign and domestic policy. It is to legalize all actions against the peoples of the world.

The “new thinking and new solutions” promised by this “security forum” are to be provided by the very people who are killing and displacing Afghans, depriving them of their right to self-determination and who promote the use of force and domination under the protection of the colossal U.S. military and economic power. In this regard NATO’s identity crisis and its doctrine of “Might Makes Right” express not only the imposition of the use of force onto the peoples of various countries but also the contradictions within the imperialist system of states and that the war for the re-division of the world is being prepared in all earnest where NATO is central to Anglo-American war plans. In this regard, the war in Afghanistan is expanding and threatening other states. At a time when the capitalist system is once again plunged in crisis NATO is faced with mounting contradictions and multitudinous frictions between the United States, Britain, France, Germany and Russia in the struggle for the re-division of markets, resources and spheres of influence. This was evidenced in its disunity over the assault by Georgia on South Ossetia in August 2008 as well as over energy supplies, on the question of the European Army, and differences over what should be NATO’s focus at this time.

NATO, directly headed by the United States, is the largest and most formidable and expansionist military bloc in the history of humanity, an enormous war machine with an annual budget of 1,500 billion Euros, 22,000 employees and an army of 60,000 troops and two rapid response naval fleets prepared to intervene at any time. Sixty years after its origin in 1949, and eighteen years after the end of the Cold War and the formal dissolution of the Warsaw Pact — in the conditions brought about by the collapse of the Soviet Union, the ending of the bi-polar division of the world and the striving of the U.S. for a unipolar world — this formal military bloc has now been expanded to 28 member states. Another 25 states are tied to it through “partnership for peace” agreements. Through other auxiliary groupings and arrangements, NATO has insinuated itself into more than sixty nations. This demonstrates that NATO does not exist today, nor was it originally formed sixty years ago, for the purpose of uniting the peace-loving European countries to ensure lasting peace in Europe. NATO was originally formed and continues to exist today for purposes that have nothing in common with the interests of strengthening peace and international security.

Implications for Canada’s Foreign and Defence Policies

Graphic is from mass protests of trade unions and social groups in 2006 when the scheme was first revealed. The moniker “Atlantic Gateway” has essentially replaced “Atlantica” and the map is no longer displayed.

This transitional period for the NATO bloc has implications for Canada’s foreign and defence policies. The organizing of the Forum is directly linked to promotion of the Atlantic Gateway, a project designed to facilitate rapid transport and military links between South Asia, the Middle East and the U.S. It is thus no accident that this “security forum” is to be held in the port of Halifax, headquarters of Maritime Command and the most important NATO military base in the North Atlantic. The Harper government is openly hostile to the United Nations and it is not possible to conceal that this hostility is one of the behind-the-scenes motives for the search for new arrangements for the NATO bloc, outside the UN and directed against it. The ruling circles are embroiling the Canadian people in dangerous adventures abroad with no end in sight for its participation in the occupation of Afghanistan. Meanwhile, both Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Liberal Foreign Affairs Critic Bob Rae foreshadow future war crimes by calling for Canada to have “a stronger position” in NATO. According to the Harper government, it is acting to protect what it calls shared “Euro-Atlantic values,” presenting itself as the guarantor of sovereignty, territorial integrity and international law. This image is without any basis in principle as evidenced by Canada’s ongoing malfeasance in Haiti since participating in the 2004 coup and its obstinate equivocation on the coup in Honduras. It is facile posturing to disinform the people and must not pass.

It should also not be forgotten that since 2000, Canada has been in the forefront amongst the NATO states and beyond in attempting to elaborate and legitimize fascist ideological concepts such as the so-called responsibility to protect. These concepts can be used to justify intervention and aggression against a sovereign state on the say-so of the aggressor and criminalize all those who stand in their way.

All these political, ideological and military measures underscore the anti-democratic and reactionary, aggressive character of Canadian foreign policy, which has been subordinated to the aims of the U.S. imperialists. Despite profound implications for Canada’s Foreign and Defence policies, the Harper government does not want any real discussion of their foreign and military policies, including the global expansionist program of NATO.

The necessity to oppose the security forum in Halifax is underscored by the people’s experience that expressing their views does make a difference. It is one thing to hold conferences, elaborate doctrines and form groupings of states but something quite different to achieve the aims that the promoters of these blocs and doctrines pursue.

Halifax, December 1, 2004: Mass protest against visit of war criminal George W. Bush.

The dangerous situation facing the people of Canada and the peoples of the world requires that we respond by uniting in action against the danger of fascism and imperialist war by building the people’s movement against imperialist war and aggression. We call on all people of conscience in Halifax and throughout the Maritime region to organize to oppose this imperialist war conference. It must not pass! This work must also be taken to its logical conclusion of establishing an anti-war government in Canada whereby the working class and people of Canada will be the real decision makers and can give expression to their profound desire that Canada be a genuine force for peace in the world.

All Out to Oppose the Halifax International Security Forum!

No Harbour for War!

Canada Out of Afghanistan!

Canada Out of NATO!

Dismantle NATO!

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Source: TML Daily, October 22, 2009 – No. 193

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