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Anniversary of Palestinian resistance to Zionist invasion of Gaza – ‘Operation Cast Lead’


HALIFX (December 23, 2009) – AS THE YEAR approaches its end, a big solidarity event will unfold on New Year’s Eve at the borders of Israel and the Gaza Strip. International solidarity activists will converge on the Gaza Strip to mark the first anniversary of the Israeli aggression now known to history as “Operation Cast Lead.” An estimated 1,000 visitors are expected to join tens of thousands of residents of Gaza in this commemoration called the Gaza Freedom March. Continue reading

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U.S. military aggression against Venezuela escalating

By EVA GOLINGER, Postcards from the Revolution

CARACAS (December 20, 2009) – Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez revealed today on his Sunday television and radio program, Aló Presidente, that unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, have illegally entered Venezuela’s airspace during the past several days. “A few days ago, one of these military planes penetrated Venezuela as far as Fort Mara,” a Venezuelan military fort in the State of Zulia, bordering Colombia. Continue reading

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Colombia announces new base
 on Venezuelan border

ON DECEMBER 18, the Colombian government announced the construction of a new military base on its border with Venezuela. Colombia’s Defense Minister Gabriel Silva said that the base, located on the Guajira peninsula near the city of Nazaret, would have up to 1,000 troops. “It is a strategic point from a defense Continue reading

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Netherlands and US planning military aggression
 from Dutch Antilles: Chávez


(December 18, 2009) – DURING a meeting with trade unions, political organizations, and social movement leaders in Copenhagen, Denmark on December 17, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez accused the Netherlands of allowing the United States military to plan a future attack against Venezuela from its island territories in the Caribbean, known as the Dutch Antilles. Continue reading

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Military integration: ‘Cheek by jowl’ with U.S. on COIN in Afghanistan

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Gerald Keddy and elite talk out of both sides of their mouths


HALIFAX (December 2, 2009) – IT BEGAN with an inquiry into whether or not an Annapolis Valley Christmas tree business was using migrant labour. Now it has become part of a national uproar regarding homelessness and unemployment, particularly among Canada’s youth, as well as yet another opportunity for the working class to examine the modus operandi of the state and ruling class.

The business in question belongs to South Shore-St. Margarets Conservative MP Gerald Keddy, who denied the allegations regarding immigrant labour when speaking to a reporter from Halifax’s Chronicle Herald on 23 November. Continue reading

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