Palestine: Public letter to the three Canadian internationals


Sent: Tuesday, June 15, 2010 4:11 PM

Subject: Public Letter to the three Canadian Internationals

Keven Neish

Dear Kevin,

Warm fraternal greetings from Halifax. I hope this e-mail reaches you. I am enclosing the introduction and two resolutions approved unanimously by the Halifax Rally on the Global Day of Action on 5 June 2010. Can you kindly see that it reaches your two colleagues from Canada who joined you on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla.



* * *

The world has witnessed a barbaric attack on the Palestinians and those who support their just case. On Monday, under the cover of darkness, Israel murdered at least ten humanitarian aid workers. The autopsies from Turkey show they were all killed at short range. Some bodies had five or six bullets. The slaughter of the internationals of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla has outraged public opinion, resulting in massive mobilizations across the globe in defence of Gaza. Today, June 5th, the GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION is being held.

This PUBLIC RALLY is a converging point, an assembly, for expressing our outrage, for expressing the conscience of Nova Scotia, for joining with humanity all around the world.  -– and for information, discussion & analysis of the current context for Palestinian rights.

The Rally is organized by the Ad Hoc Committee to Defend Palestine. It was formed in January 2009 to oppose the Israeli war of aggression on Gaza, and spearheaded the weekly rallies in Victoria Park. We also held the two-day Halifax Teach-In on Palestine at Dalhousie University.

Last week we rallied against the visit of war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu to Canada.

All this week we have had daily mass pickets of 20 to 30 people. The response from the public has been great.

Just three days ago, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers which has been actively participating in the Ad Hoc Committee proposed that we urgently organize a rally for the GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION on the basis of the CALL from the Palestinian National Committee.

These are being held all across Canada, in cities and towns large and small.

Today, our FORMAT is as follows. We have any number of speakers and two important letters we would like to adopt collectively. Then Open Mike. This Rally is A PEOPLE’S ASSEMBLY to voice your conscience. Anyone wishing to speak please give your name to…..

* * *

To the Free Gaza Movement

On behalf of this Public Rally of the citizens of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, please convey our deepest condolences on the loss of nine activists in the Mavi Marmara massacre of  the Gaza Freedom Flotilla to their families as well as shipmates. The Flotilla was delivering humanitarian aid to Occupied Gaza and was in international waters. It is an indefensible war crime and it is a great loss indeed. The ten internationals, nine citizens of Turkey and one of the United States, represent the very best which humanity has given rise to. In this hour of deepest sorrow for all of you, we join together on this Global Day of Action with all people from all walks of life from all lands, from the sons and daughters of the most humble to the most eminent, in paying homage to their life and work. We grieve with you and we salute you all, with deepest sympathies and respect.

All in favour.

We ask for one minute’s silence for our fallen comrades.

* * *

The members of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla included three Canadians. We would like to present to the RALLY a public letter to the three Canadian internationals

To: Kevin Neish, Victoria, British Columbia

Rifat Audeh, St. Catherines

Farooq Burney, Qatar

This Public Rally of the citizens of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, on the occasion of the GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION, salutes the three of you together with all your shipmates of the GAZA FREEDOM FLOTILLA for your courageous and self-sacrificing humanitarian mission to the people of Gaza. You represent the true Canadian conscience which stands firmly against the occupation and the crimes taking place against the Palestinian people. We sincerely wish you a safe journey home. All our hearts are with you in this.

Let the Ships Pass!

Copies to all political parties

* * *

From: “K Neish” <>

To: “New Media Services Incorporated” <>

Subject: Re: public letter to the three Canadian internationals

Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2010 23:19:32 -0700

Hello Tony,

Needless to say thank you very much for the kind words and dandy “wanted poster.” I have forwarded your email to Rifat and Farooq.

Thank you for your solidarity with Palestinian people. There is another larger and stronger flotilla going to Gaza in September so please keep track of their progress by checking I’m going to try to join the next flotilla and hopefully some folks from your neck of the woods will be able to join it too. I understand that there may be a ship sponsored by the Quebec solidarity movement.

Take care.


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