Halifax War Conference: Warmongers are not welcome in Halifax

All Out to Oppose the Second Annual Halifax International Security Forum

Picket at Forum Opening
Friday, November  5 – 3:00 pm

Westin Hotel, Hollis & South Streets.

Anti-War Rally – Saturday, November 6, 2010 – 1:00 pm

Halifax Peace & Freedom Park (formerly Cornwallis Park) Hollis & South Sts

Family-friendly event

Organized by: Ad Hoc Committee Against the Halifax War Conference, Halifax Peace Coalition, NSPIRG, CUPW, Food Not Bombs, and others


Halifax, December 1, 2004: Demonstration against visit to Halifax of war criminal U.S. President George W. Bush.

(October 28, 2010) – TML calls on all peace and justice loving peoples in Halifax and Nova Scotia to support the actions organized by the Ad Hoc Committee to oppose the Second Annual Halifax International Security Forum which takes place from November 5-7.

The forum, organized by the Canadian Department of National Defence in conjunction with the German Marshall Fund of the United States, gathers together militarists from around the world including war criminals such as former U.S. secretary of state Condoleezza Rice and Israeli Minister of Defence Ehud Barak.

The forum and its agenda are tied to NATO and the development and implementation of its new security doctrine, which it calls its “new strategic concept,” and will be adopted at the upcoming NATO summit in Lisbon, Portugal from November 17-19.

Last year’s forum took place in the context of NATO’s 60th anniversary when the aggressive alliance undertook to elaborate its “new security doctrine.” As CPC(M-L) pointed out at that time:

“this ‘Security Forum’ is a component part of NATO’s attempt to reconfigure itself. The NATO Summit held six months ago in April 2009 in Strasbourg, France and Kehl, Germany marked the official start of the elaboration of a ‘new security doctrine.’ This ‘new doctrine’ is to replace that of “humanitarian intervention” introduced during the 1999 aggression against Yugoslavia and the first absorption into NATO of states of the former Soviet bloc. […] The demand for this ‘new doctrine’ is impelled by the crisis of NATO itself. After eight years of occupation of Afghanistan under the pretext of opposing terrorism, NATO has been unable to quell the important resistance of the Afghan people. The people of Afghanistan refuse to accept NATO’s ‘international security assistance’ and the peoples of NATO’s member countries have not been convinced of the nobility of the war or NATO’s present course and its raison d’être.”

The German Marshall Fund (GMF) was founded by a grant from Germany in 1972 to commemorate assistance provided to it by the Marshall Plan. The forum’s website explains the role of the GMF in founding the conference first held in November last year:

“GMF’s mission to promote cooperation between North America and Europe on a wide range of concerns led to the creation of a major international security conference in Canada. By bringing together leading policy and opinion makers from around the world, Halifax Forum will help shape a new transatlantic security agenda that can adapt to changing global realities and emerging threats.”

The Halifax International Security Forum promotes a conception of security based on the violent subjugation of the peoples to Anglo-American imperialism. It is precisely this conception of security, which is used to justify invasion, occupation and all manner of heinous war crimes, that the peoples of the world are actively rejecting through every means at their disposal.

Halifax, December 1, 2004: Demonstration against visit to Halifax of war criminal U.S. President George W. Bush.


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