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Stop the warmongers! Reject the Halifax Chronicle Herald’s call for the invasion of Africa!


IN AN editorial published on April 21st, the day before Easter Friday and Earth Day, the editors of the Halifax Herald Ltd. demanded that the United States escalate the war of aggression against Libya: “The only way forward is to use more force. The sooner NATO comes to this conclusion, the better.” Continue reading


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Questions from Electors – No One Is Illegal Halifax

April 26, 2010

Angela Day and Jane Kirby,

No One Is Illegal Halifax

Dear friends,

Thank you for addressing your questions to all candidates. You are raising specific problems and your questions are objective and straightforward, which demand direct action from the government. They reveal the necessity for workers and people, regardless of national origin, to be empowered so that everyone, by dint of being human, can participate in society where the rights of all are upheld. When all four incumbent MPS from the HRM voted unanimously on March 21st for the war on Libya in Parliament – without any consultation whatsoever with either their local organization or Haligonians – how credible are the claims of these parties that they care about immigrants from foreign lands, friendship and equality amongst peoples, and the rights of all? Continue reading

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The missing voice of the working class – Sky-high strike vote puts the pressure on postal negotiations

Join the postal and other public sector workers on Halifax May Day, beginning 2 p.m. at Victoria Park, to put forward our demands on whatever party or combination of parties forms the next minority government. Say NO! to government that attacks public sector workers and the quality of public service. Say YES! to government that defends Canadian workers and pensions! Defend the Rights of All!

CUPW, April 18, 2011

Mass picket of postal workers in NEw Glasgow, June 11, 2010

MEMBERS of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) have voted 94.5 per cent in favour of striking if necessary to obtain a collective agreement that addresses real problems and meets their needs.

“We hope the sky-high strike vote and the record turnout of our members will put pressure on Canada Post to negotiate,” said CUPW National President Denis Lemelin. Continue reading

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Canada gets failing score in democratic audit

THE Foundation for Democratic Advancement (FDA), a Calgary-based organization that describes its mission as advancing “fair and transparent democratic processes wherever elections occur” and providing “fundamental support for people’s democracies defined as government of, for and by the people,” has given Canada an overall score of 25.75 per cent in electoral fairness in its 2011 Federal Election Audit.

In a press advisory, the FDA highlights the results of its study, which examined electoral coverage in the media, election financing laws and regulations over electoral broadcasting. The press release states:

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Questions from Electors – Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project

THE Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project (NSRAP) is distributing a questionnaire to all candidates running in Nova Scotia ridings in the federal election. NSRAP describes itself “a voice for Nova Scotia’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) or Rainbow Community right to legal and social equality. Over the last 15 years NSRAP has been a strong advocate for the rights of our communities to legal and social equality.” It further states “your responses will not be graded. They will be made available for our members to review and judge for themselves.” They also provided a space for “any comments you have about particular questions or other issues relating to the LGBT community.” I have responded with the following letter. Continue reading

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Stop Harper!


STEPHEN HARPER, now aiming to head a majority government, occupies the well-earned position as head of the anti-social offensive in Canada, and the drive for de facto annexation of Canada to the U.S. empire and and its imperialist wars of aggression. There is every indication that as head of a majority Conservative government he will push much further along the course he has followed since first becoming Prime Minister in 2006. Hence, the importance of stopping Harper from winning the election, stopping him from forming a majority and stopping him if he does win such a majority

He and his anti-social crew present his aim as desirable on the basis that the situation in Canada after his five years as PM is quite acceptable, that he is trustworthy, or at least more so than Michael Ignatieff, that he is the best manager of the economy, but that threats are at hand that require the strong leadership and certainty of a majority Harper government. Such self-serving distortions can only survive and succeed by silencing and marginalizing the experience of Canadians, and particularly the working class, with the destruction of manufacturing, degradation of workers’ security and remuneration, social programs and the natural environment. Meanwhile, ever more is handed over to the very rich and Canada is increasingly annexed to the U.S. empire, with all the attendant militarization, military spending and partnership in crimes of imperialist aggression. Continue reading

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Lies of the Chronically Horrid: Readers condemn warmongering editorial on Libya

ALL BUT TWO comments posted online by readers of the Halifax Chronicle Herald express condemnation or disagreement with its warmongering editorial, “Time to take a decisive stand,” published on April 21, 2011. The editorial began: “THE only way forward is to use more force. The sooner NATO comes to this conclusion, the better.” The raison d’etat provided by the Herald for expanding the war is rejected by Haligonians. The comments illustrate how completely disconnected the ruling elite is with Canadians. The political cartel of the Conservatives, Liberals and NDP, which voted unanimously for military attacks on Libya on March 21st behind our backs, do not represent Canadians. The comments mirror the interest in the MLPC campaign in the election which is advancing the necessity for an antiwar government and illustrate why the Chronicle Herald simply refuses to acknowledge either the existence of any alternative or that its Halifax candidate, Tony Seed, is even participating. Here is a sample of readers’ comments:

WHAT???? Continue reading

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