Tony Seed again stands as anti-war candidate in Halifax

Tony Seed delivers a keynote address at a national conference on Palestine held at McMaster University, March 12, 2005

[April 9, 2011] The Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada is contesting the 41st Federal election with 70 candidates. This up from 59 candidates in the 2008 election. Journalist and anti-war activist Tony Seed was confirmed on Thursday as the party’s candidate in Halifax.

In the wake of the attack on Libya in violation of the UN Charter, unanimously endorsed by all the cartel parties, Tony declared that a central plank of his campaign is the necessity to elect an anti-war MP who will fight in Parliament for the cause of peace and sovereignty, and for Haligonians to recognize the need for an anti-war government by voting Marxist-Leninist.

“What kind of democracy is it that sends its youth to kill and be killed in a war the people do not support, justifying it with platitudes designed to sell it to Canadians,” said Seed, noting that Canada and Libya, until a NATO summit on March 19th, enjoyed peaceful relations.

Maritimes Canada is being rocked with decisions made by monopolies and their self-serving agenda. These decisions are resulting in serious economic dislocation, devastation of our fishing, forest and farming communities, and a wrecking of the social fabric. “Who does that government represent that destroys the nation’s and region’s manufacturing base, betting on the sell-off of natural resources and surrender of the country’s sovereignty as the key to prosperity and security? The bright future offered to the Maritimes is to act as a transit zone for the U.S. and other multinationals, the Atlantic Gateway, and the militarization of the economy.” Sovereignty must be vested in the people, he said.

The MLPC will continue to organize worker politicians to form an anti-war government. “Unless workers, seniors and youth make a concerted effort to keep the establishment parties out of power and put worker politicians who are active in working for democratic renewal into power, the crisis will continue to be sorted out in a manner that favours the rich, not the people,” party leader Anna Di Carlo says. “The Marxist-Leninist Party calls on Canadians to make their voices heard by voting Marxist-Leninist,” she adds.

In a recent interview featured on Halifax Media Co-op, Tony pointed out: “We will make it the central issue in the federal election in Halifax and help occupy the space which Haligonians need to discuss within their own communities the type of society and world they want to live in. Canadians do not want a pro-war government. It goes against all of our instincts and experiences as people who work every day in our communities to feed and protect our loved ones. The idea of waging aggressive acts against any people, Canadian or otherwise, is not acceptable and must be condemned. Canadians opposed U.S. Cruise missile tests in Canada in the 1980s and will not condone their use against the innocent Libyan people. Among its military objectives, NATO deliberately bombed power plants, government buildings, factories, schools and health facilities, including child health care centere. These are war crimes.

“I wish all our friends and supporters success in their work during this election.”

For your information, we are including (1) a brief profile of Tony Seed; (2) a recent article from the Halifax Media Co-op by journalist Miles Howe; and (3) a press release from the MLPC.

For further information:

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3 responses to “Tony Seed again stands as anti-war candidate in Halifax

  1. Missed you last night at the Halifax Poverty Forum–what happened?


    • tonyseed

      If you are referring to the Spryfield forum, in brief, there was a very positive and frank discussion of the necessity to develop a political and social affairs centre on a long-term basis. Spryfield is for many residents a very harsh environment, with several people using the word “atomized” to characterize that environment. Several people expressed interest in practically working in creating a centre wherein people can participate, discuss, become informed and a living force for change. If you interested, please do not hestitate to contact me.
      If you are referring to another forum, we had a conflict in our schedule.


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