Stop Harper!


STEPHEN HARPER, now aiming to head a majority government, occupies the well-earned position as head of the anti-social offensive in Canada, and the drive for de facto annexation of Canada to the U.S. empire and and its imperialist wars of aggression. There is every indication that as head of a majority Conservative government he will push much further along the course he has followed since first becoming Prime Minister in 2006. Hence, the importance of stopping Harper from winning the election, stopping him from forming a majority and stopping him if he does win such a majority

He and his anti-social crew present his aim as desirable on the basis that the situation in Canada after his five years as PM is quite acceptable, that he is trustworthy, or at least more so than Michael Ignatieff, that he is the best manager of the economy, but that threats are at hand that require the strong leadership and certainty of a majority Harper government. Such self-serving distortions can only survive and succeed by silencing and marginalizing the experience of Canadians, and particularly the working class, with the destruction of manufacturing, degradation of workers’ security and remuneration, social programs and the natural environment. Meanwhile, ever more is handed over to the very rich and Canada is increasingly annexed to the U.S. empire, with all the attendant militarization, military spending and partnership in crimes of imperialist aggression.

As the leading representative of the most reactionary Canadian ruling circles and the imperial and monopoly interests to which they are tied or form a part of, Harper views these retrograde elements as the real Canada, the only ones that count, the ‘nation‘, albeit one that just exists as an adjunct to the U.S.. Their interests, in this thinking, are the interests of Canada and Canadians. We, the other Canadians who do not count, only appear as a mass to be manipulated and disinformed especially during elections.

Two related trends of reactionary thought are apparent in the practice of Harper and his regime, as are many others in this period. One is associated with the name of the frankly fascistic philosopher Leo Straus who migrated from Nazi Germany to the U.S. and taught that statesmen need to hold to an elite body of knowledge kept out of sight of the common people and pursue their ends by manipulation and outright lies, wars, war hysteria and religious fanaticism.

The other, which dovetails as the manipulative tool of the former, is Christian Zionism in its various guises and degrees of extremism. Outstanding in its features are:

1. The view that both the U.S. and the state of Israel are the special implements of God’s will on earth and not subject to any international law or principle of behaviour.

2. The view that the world is the scene, especially at this time, of a grand conflict between supernatural good and evil, with the U.S., Israel and their allies as the side of the deity, and that pursuit of this conflict, especially war against Islam, attacking Iran, for instance, is the will of God.

Most importantly, the view is also that the apocalyptic biblical visions of the end of “creation”, the second coming of the Christ and the final disposal of all unbelievers in eternal hellfire are about to be realized (as they have in some minds at every turn for the last 2000 years.) One secondary convenient implication for monopoly interests is that the natural environment does not much matter, since the end is at hand.

Absolutely foreign to this thinking is any principle of international law restricting the will of God’s instruments: national sovereignty, equal rights of nations and states, illegality of wars of aggression, etc. It evokes ideas put forward about 2,500 years ago to portray contemporary human existence as a state of war between the people(s) of God and the people(s) of unbelievers, of the devil. In its rejection of humanity, human fraternity, and the ideal of peace, this view is strikingly similar to that of the Nazis.

3. The view that the duty of this trend is to take political power in the U.S. and in its allies like Canada and establish its theocracy, enshrining its version of biblical law in the place of anything resembling democracy. After all, if those outside this one true faith are part of the forces of evil and destined to damnation by God Himself, why would they have any political rights?

4. Anti-communism of the most profound variety, not only to conscious communists and their organization as “atheistic enemies of God”, but to any feature of modern society that points toward a socialist future. They dredge up the centuries old view that personal wealth is the sign of God’s blessing and poverty is the sign of His disapproval. Private property right is sacrosanct. So appropriation of wealth by the state to finance social programs is viewed with hostility. This thinking fits the “free” market ideology of neoliberalism so dear to Harper et al like a glove. It rejects any concept of rights based on being human, right to a livelihood, health care, education, etc. or duty of the state to fulfill them. The needs of the people still met to some extent through social programs in spite of the anti-social offensive, should instead be left to charity and private insurance. Both deeds and past declarations show how Harper looks in this direction.

Leaving human needs unfulfilled in the market as the preserve of charity, puts the property right of the rich blessed by God completely in charge. The rich persons will provide or not as they please, and if they do, they further demonstrate their piety already manifest by their wealth. A side benefit would of course be the importance of religious institutions as administrators of charity and the greater opportunities for wealthy to receive divine blessing via the growth of the private insurance business.

That a figure guided by this sort of thinking and representing such retrograde, anti-social interests is the Prime Minister of Canada and aims to continue as such with a majority regime has already caused great harm to Canada and Canadians and poises a profound threat for the future. It underscores the importance of stopping Harper.

Source: Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada website,


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