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Palestine: Rafah Crossing reopens


Some 600 Palestinians and foreign passport holders have left Gaza for Egypt since Saturday, May 28, 2011

(May 30, 2008) – THE RAFAH CROSSING between the Gaza Strip and Egypt reopened on Saturday, May 28 on a continuing permanent basis, as a joint affair of the sovereign Egyptian government and the administration of the Gaza Strip. Continue reading

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African leaders demand NATO stop air strikes against Libya

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Halifax rally to support postal workers

Rally for postal workers, May 27, at the convention of the Nova Scotia Government Employees Union in Halifax, NS

Rally for postal workers, May 27, at the convention of the Nova Scotia Government Employees Union in Halifax, NS

Rally for postal workers, May 27, at the convention of the Nova Scotia Government Employees Union in Halifax, NS

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Canada Post presents unacceptable ‘final offer’

Post Office – Urban Postal Unit Negotiations

JUST A FEW DAYS before the strike deadline of May 24, on May 17, Canada Post presented the Canadian union of Postal Workers (CUPW) with its new global offer in the urban bargaining unit negotiations, which it calls its “final offer.” The offer maintains most of the concessions that Canada Post previously demanded from the workers and does not satisfy the demands that postal workers have put forward to improve their working conditions and defend the public service. The corporation sent a copy of the offer to all postal workers, along with a letter filled with threats of what will happen if they go on strike. On May 22, CUPW replied with a new global offer to Canada Post. At the moment neither CUPW nor the corporation have served the 72 hours notice legally required to go on strike or impose a lockout. The current collective agreement expires at midnight on May 24. Continue reading

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Canada Post threatens the livelihood and dignity of postal workers

Interview, Louis Lang, Ottawa Postal Worker 

TML: Can you elaborate on the content of the documents sent to the workers by Canada Post and their significance?

Louis Lang: This so-called final offer, which is supposed to be the solution to the problem, is just another step along the road to drive the union to strike. It is not really a solution to anything. There is no significant change in the rollbacks demanded by Canada Post that would allow us to sign a collective agreement that we can live with. It does not provide any basis on which the union could agree. The main character of these negotiations, which is different from previous ones, is that the corporation is demanding serious rollbacks in wages, benefits and working conditions from what presently exist. These are not solutions but threaten the livelihood and dignity of postal workers. What can they possibly expect but that people will fight to retain their rights. Continue reading

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Africa: Battleground for NATO’s 21st century Strategic Concept


(May 20, 2011) – THE WAR by major North Atlantic Treaty Organization member states against Libya is in its third month and has been conducted under the official auspices of NATO for the past fifty days.

According to the military bloc’s daily online tally [1], Alliance military aircraft have flown over 7,200 missions and more than 2,800 combat flights since NATO inaugurated so-called Operation Unified Protector on March 31.

The world’s only military alliance stands to match or exceed the 78-day duration of its air war against Yugoslavia in 1999 if not to deploy troops in Libya in what could expand into protracted combat and occupation roles like those in Afghanistan and adjoining nations where the Pentagon and NATO will mark the tenth anniversary of their invasion this October 7.

Recently Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko “Pointed out that the operation in Libya is becoming the first actual litmus test for NATO’s new strategic concept,” [2] a reference to the latest Strategic Concept adopted by the 28-nation alliance at its summit in Lisbon, Portugal last November, the first in this century and since that endorsed at the Washington summit in 1999 when NATO was waging its first war (against Yugoslavia) and incorporating its first post-Cold War recruits (the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland).

The war against Libya was also the test case for U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM), the first overseas military command launched by the Pentagon since the end of the Cold War (its predecessor, Central Command, was created in 1983), whose Joint Task Force Odyssey Dawn was in charge of bombing runs and cruise missile attacks in and a naval blockade of Libya from March 19-30. Continue reading

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Shipbuilding yes, but not the militarization of shipbuilding

The Harper Agenda and Need for a New Direction for the Economy

Haligonians denounce Harper’s visit to the Naval Dockyards, April 4, 2007


Originally published May 6, and extensively revised May 16 and May 28, 2011 and again on January 23, 2013.

SHIPBUILDING is one of the traditional industries in the Maritimes, Quebec, certain lake ports in Ontario, and British Columbia that is in crisis. Now, instead of resolving the crisis in favour of the people, the warmongering positions of the Harper government include the militarization of all shipbuilding. In Nova Scotia the suggestion always hangs in the air that the militarization of the economy and the $20 billion war budget are the solution to the economic crisis and regional disparities and it is a matter of “buy Canadian” or “buy Nova Scotian” versus outsourcing, either abroad or to another region such as Quebec.

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