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Increased suicides amongst combat troops

Sign condemns Canada’s so-called 3D policy in Afghanistan of “defence, development and diplomacy.”

REPORTS INDICATE a high suicide rate amongst soldiers returning from combat in Afghanistan. At least two of the 157 deaths of Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan were suicides. According to a report by Peter Worthington of QMI, five Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan are believed to have committed suicide, two of them this year, a month apart.

In 2007, for example, the military suicide rate was 41 per 100,000 – double the previous year’s rate, and more than twice the national average. Continue reading

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Ricardo Alarcón: Truth held hostage

Text of a talk by Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada, President of the Cuban National Assembly of People’s Power,  on July 20, 2011 delivered at the Cuban University of Information Sciences (UCI), Havana. Continue reading

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Reflections by Fidel: A brilliant and courageous statement

(July 4, 2011) – Attending to other matters that are now top priority, I momentarily strayed from the frequency with which I had been writing reflections in the year 2010; however, Hugo Chávez Frías’ proclamation last Thursday the 30th, obliges me to write these lines.

The president of Venezuela is one of the men who has done the most for the health and education of his people; since these are subjects where the Cuban Revolution has accumulated the most experience, we gladly collaborate to the maximum with this sister country in both areas. Continue reading

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2,500 views – a note to readers

This weblog, launched on the last day of March 2011, has now reached 2,500 distinct views as of July 5th. They break down as follows: March (10), April (493), May (589), June (1,124) and July (270). Without any promotion whatsoever, the average views per day has increased from April (16) to May (19) to June (37) to July (52). Feedback from readers is also very positive.

Some articles, such as Shipbuilding yes, but not the militarization of shipbuilding (May 16, 2011), have been posted on as many as ten different websites in Canada. This too illustrates a need not only for enlightened information but also a desire to raise the level of the political discourse in our country.

Throughout July and August, however, the number of new posts will be substantially less. This is to give an opportunity to pay attention to the need to raise the level of organization so that it is on par with political demands.

Thanks to all who have taken the time to visit, and especially those who have sent comments, leads or subscribed. Please keep sending your reports, articles and photographs at (e-mail)

I wish you all a good summer. Keep safe!

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Canada Day with the royals (II): Reject Harper’s fascist one nation politics

Part two of a two-part series by TONY SEED. Part one is here.

mediaculpaheader.stretched(July 1, 2001) – THE Canada Day editorial of the Halifax Chronicle Herald is an incoherent rant pregnant with veiled threats against the Canadian people emanating from divine right.

It gives real meaning to “smitten” as in its banner headline “Canadians smitten [1] with royal newlyweds.” Continue reading

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Canada Day with the royals (1): We are not ‘smitten’ nor ‘smote’ nor amused

Protesters wait for the arrival of Britain’s Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, in Montreal, November 10, 2009. REUTERS/Christinne Muschi (CANADA ROYALS CONFLICT)

Part one of a two part series by TONY SEED, Part two is here.

HALIFAX (July 1, 2011, revised July 4) – THE July 1st headline of the Halifax Chronicle Herald leaps into never-never land with its banner of another royal tour: “Canadians smitten [1] with royal newlyweds.” The entire front page of the second section is also given over to fawning coverage of the alleged affair. Then you read more carefully. “A small crowd … at the government airport.” A “walk-about” amongst tourists to the nation’s capital with nothing else to do but touch the elephant! 

Continue reading

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Reality check: The Windsor family wealth

THE British royal family, the Windsors, refuse to disclose their personal wealth. They also protest that property Elizabeth Windsor holds as the “sovereign” should not be included, although she has the exclusive use of it and will be able to pass on that use to her children.

In 2008 the Times newspaper Rich List placed Ms Windsor at number 264 in its report of the UK’s wealthiest individuals. Her personal wealth was put at £320 million. (Note: £1 = $1.6) Continue reading


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