New revelations of CNN complicity with armed groups in Syria

DAMASCUS (March 23 (Prensa Latina) – THE national television of Cuba released on Friday, March 23rd, new evidence about the fabrication of alleged incidents as part of the media campaign against Syria orchestrated by Arab and Western satellite channels, mainly the US CNN service.

The footage broadcast and commented on by CNN specialists shows the process of sabotage of an oil pipeline near al-Sulaymanieh district, in Homs city, some 162 km north of Damascus. It reveals that the people filming were a CNN reporter and a camera man who entered clandestinely into Syria through Lebanon.

In interpretating the footage, analysts deduced that the CNN team coordinated with the saboteurs previously to film the bomb attack against the pipeline and send it to their channel, which constitutes an act of complicity with a terrorist act.

The voices of the CNN security affairs photographer Tim Crockett and reporter Arwa Damon can be hear when they asked cameraman Neil Hallsworth if he was fine, as they saw him out of breath because of the smoke, and if he needed medical assistance.

According to a source consulted by Prensa Latina, the Syrian authorities had revealed that Hallsworth is, in fact, a former US marine in retirement who took part in the war against Iraq and was hired by the CNN to enter Syria surreptitiously in Homs.

Syrian TV commentators warned that, while Damon reported to the CNN from a safe place in Homs, that the Syrian Army had attacked the pipeline, the live images of the attack were broadcast with the camera operated by Hallsworth, which had been conveniently placed in the appropriate place a day before the sabotage.

A similar fabrication involving CNN reporter Danny Dayem in al-Khalidiyeh, also in Homs, prompted CNN to falsely present Dayem in an interview as an activist and not a journalist of its staff. It erased a photo of him with the CNN team that was acting clandestinely in Homs.

On Thursday night (March 22 – ed.), Syrian television first presented these revelations. It denied that the government had refused permits to the CNN to enter Syria legally, as denounced by CNN to justify the illegal entry of reporters and camera people through Lebanon, also used to infiltrate armed groups and weaponry.

Syrian TV also showed copies of the accreditation papers granted to two CNN teams, one of them led by journalist Nick Robertson, from the London bureau, who was in Syria in mid-January and was in Homs on the day when an armed group attacked foreign journalists, killing French reporter Gilles Jacquier, and wounding another 25 people in the Ekrima neighbourhood.


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