Event: Hands Off Syria and Iran!

Oppose the Harper Dictatorship’s Participation in US-NATO Schemes for Destabilizing Governments and Peoples of the Middle East!

Picket opposing imperialist intervention in Syria and Iran

4:30–5:30pm, Friday, June 8, 2012; Corner of Spring Garden & Barrington Streets, Halifax – Discussion to follow after at Paper Chase, 5228 Blowers St.

Demonstrations on May 18th in Chicago opposing NATO

The Western powers led by the U.S. imperialists are determined to attack Syria. Affirming their readiness to join in, the Harper dictatorship has not hesitated to repeat the entire Anglo-French-U.S. litany of justifications for such aggression. The same old method of demonization has been deployed to justify the unjustifiable. These latest developments come in the wake of the May 26 massacre of more than 100 civilians —  including as many as 49 children under the age of 10 — in the Syrian village of Houla outside the oil-refining centre of Homs.

While it remains unclear who is responsible, evidence has emerged to suggest that the Syrian government might not, as trumpeted by the monopoly media,  be the ones’s who carried out the massacre. Rather the massacre may have been a “false flag” operation conducted by sectarian gangs armed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and the usual NATO suspects.

Nevertheless, the Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird has joined U.S. imperialism in demonizing the person and government of Syrian President Assad as “baby-killers.” Irrespective of who bears responsibility for the massacre, it amounts to hypocrisy and disinformation of the highest order, when those who hands are covered with the blood from all corners of the world condemn others. They cannot and do not have the interests of peace or justice in their plans. They intend to use any tragedy – real or manufactured – to “legitimize“ imperialist military intervention.

Baird and the rest of the Harper gang refuse to publicly rule out the prospect of Canadian forces becoming engaged either from  NATO bases in Turkey and southern Europe, or from a Canadian frigate currently reported to be “on station” in the Mediterranean off the Syrian coast for the past year.

In the wake of the monopoly media’s manufactured hullaballoo over Houla, Minister Baird’s guide and teacher, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, finally openly admitted that her government was arming the opposition to President Assad and didn’t care whether he left power voluntarily or in a box.

At the centre of the latest developments involving Syria, the Kofi Annan peace mission continues to be used by the governments of Russia and China. They seek to temporize and delay the U.S. camp’s organizing what could become a third imperialist world war, in which the U.S. camp has strategized how to isolate the Islamic Republic of Iran for attack once Syria is out of the way.

As was the case with the fairy tale about the Weapons of Mass Destruction buried in the deserts of Iraq a decade ago, there is a deafening propaganda floated world-wide — especially from the United States and Israel — about the alleged dangers of Iran developing a nuclear bomb in order to justify such aggression. The real issue, however, is the imperialists’ ambition to eliminate Iran’s political independence and especially its independent development and management of current and future oil production from its territory.

The gauntlet is being openly thrown down by the Big Powers. The peoples cannot afford to hesitate any longer. It is time for all peace-loving humanity to take its stand against this latest and gravest danger of war, one that could easily escalate far beyond the borders of Syria and-or Iran.


Canada Needs an Anti-War Government!

Get Canada Out of NATO!


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