Syria: new exposé in disinformation

ACCORDING to Champs news agency, the latest image by the armed opposition in Syria consisted of large black plumes of smoke from burning tires, apparently giving the idea of political chaos in the Syrian capital and society. Groups of government opponents set fire to car tires in the Al-Kadam district of Damascus, presenting the false image of smoke resulting from explosions or artillery attacks. The “news” was manufactured to suggest broad popular support for the “democratic opposition” and to manipulate world opinion.

In a related news story revealed on June 23, 2012, press agencies reported that more than 30 experts from different countries are working on media propaganda campaigns against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

The disclosures are highly informative as to the methods of media intervention developed to justify regime change through overt and covert aggression by the United States and the NATO bloc and what the Pentagon calls “information” and “psychological operations.” [1]

Citing the Palestinian daily Al-Manar, reports say that these activities, funded by the Gulf monarchies, have been exaggerating events inside Syria to purposefully deceive world opinion.

The Palestinian newspaper quoted an American expert in photography and the media who returned to New York last week after spending three months in the Middle East traveling in different countries between labs and studios of disinformation, which the paper described as the “media arm that works side by side with the intelligence and terrorist conspiracy apparatus against the Syrian people.”

The expert admitted that Syrian opposition forces are working on elaborate disinformation campaigns directed from Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Staffs with more than thirty experts of American, European and Israeli national origins, are carrying out media planning operations inside special studios in order to exaggerate the events in Syria and mislead world opinion.

The paper quoted the American expert as saying that “illustrations are produced using replicas and miniatures of certain neighbourhoods in the capital Damascus, which were built with the help of photographs taken by very special advanced spy satellites using computerized programs of high level of accuracy and efficiency.”

“Seven strategic locations were built in Damascus, and more than 214 scenes on targeting those sites and taking control over them by armed opposition were filmed,” the newspaper added.

Al-Manar daily also quoted the expert as adding that “there are 32 experts working in those studios and labs in the countries surrounding Syria, including Lebanon and Turkey.”

“Intelligence teams determined the broadcasting hours,” he said.

The role of the global information monopolies as a weapon of systematic disinformation in the service of the political destabilization and subversion of Syria has also become known. For example, in late March, 2012, footage broadcast and commented on by CNN specialists shows the process of sabotage of an oil pipeline near al-Sulaymanieh district, in Homs city, some 162 km north of Damascus. It reveals that the people filming were a CNN reporter and a camera man who entered clandestinely into Syria through Lebanon.

In interpretating the footage, analysts deduced that the CNN team coordinated with the saboteurs previously to film the bomb attack against the pipeline and send it to their channel, which constitutes an act of complicity with a terrorist act. The CNN cameraman was a former U.S. marine who took part in the war against Iraq.

It is worthy to mention that the disinformation Syria faces by the Arab and U.S. satellite channels has already been practiced in Libya last year, where official websites published photos which coincided with some Arab satellite channels publishing photographs about the fall of Tripoli. The pictures were fabricated scenes of demonstrations allegedly coming out into the streets of the Green City, which were then reproduced on satellite TV. This is an old CIA method known as the “multiplier effect” originally used in the Guatemala coup of 1954 and again in Chile in 1973 to establish military dictatorships [2] – methods being continued to this day with similar aims and objectives.

It is self-evident that what is being applied in Syria is also being applied against Iran.

What is being manufactured is systematic disinformation and can hardly be termed “bias.” Disinformation is organized by the highest levels of the state, which is facilitated by the monopoly-controlled media. It is worth recalling the extensive battery organized to justify the U.S. war against Iraq, which included siting a five-member team from the Fourth Psychological Operations Group based at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, within the headquarters of CNN, owned by Time Warner, in Atlanta.

The method of disinformation is one of the main weapons in the hands of the bourgeoisie and their governments and monopoly-controlled media. Disinformation depends on factual distortion, ideological confusion and political mystification. The aim is to disinform the polity by confusing and crippling the ability of people to distinguish black from white and right from wrong so that they are paralyzed from taking a political stand. Amongst other things, the aim is to confuse and pacify the anti-war movement, while the U.S. and NATO bloc including Canada sets in motion its deadly plans to attack Syria in the name of “humanitarian intervention.”

Tony Seed, with files from agencies


[1] The ultimate objective of U.S. military psychological operations,” says the Pentagon, “is to convince enemy, neutral, and friendly nations and forces to take action favorable to the United States and its allies … Global in nature, they may be directed toward large audiences or at key communicators.” [Psychological Operations Fact Sheet, U.S. Army Special Operations Command,

[2] The “multiplier effect” was documented by the Church Committee, the United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, a U.S. Senate committee chaired by Senator Frank Church (D-ID) in 1975 [ or The Church Committee famously exposed U.S. plots to assassinate foreign leaders such as Fidel Castro of Cuba and the targeting of Martin Luther King by the FBI.


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