Shunpiking: Maine moose on the loose

THIS fascinating video was shot in the morning of July 3rd on the Falmouth Spur, a short freeway which connects two turnpikes, Interstate 95 with Interstate 295 and U.S. Route 1, north of Portland, Maine. The spur has only two interchanges – one at each end – and  a toll booth in the middle. The video shows a young moose making his way up the highway at a brisk pace, hooves clacking on the pavement, as it runs parallel to the car driving in the passing lane. It narrowly misses becoming dinner as it darts across oncoming traffic to avoid paying the toll. The Maine Wire, a conservative, right wing news website, claimed that “he was heading north to enjoy some Fourth of July festivities in the deep woods with his family.” Any port in a storm.

Videotaping while driving Maine toll highways not recommended

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