Canada’s hooligan behaviour: Severing relations with Iran

THE CANADIAN government announced Friday, September 7, that “Canada has closed its embassy in Iran effective immediately and declared personae non gratae all remaining Iranian diplomats in Canada.” Canada’s diplomatic relations with Iran have thus come to an end.

Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement in Tehran on August 30. Eighty of the 120 member delegations were led by heads of state. NAM, an international organization, is considered as not formally aligned with or against any major power bloc. NAM represents nearly two-thirds of UN members.

This act follows the Canadian government’s ominous silence about the diplomatic victory scored by the Islamic Republic of Iran in hosting the 16th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement in Tehran from August 26 to 31. That event attracted the participation of 129 member nations of the United Nations and even compelled the presence of the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon. The diplomatic concertation at the Non-Aligned Summit was a ringing endorsement of non-interference in other countries’ affairs and for a peaceful resolution of all outstanding conflicts.

Map of Non-Aligned Movement members (Image from Wikimedia Commons)

The presence of so many nations in Tehran exposed that it is the U.S. and its closest allies who are truly isolated in global diplomacy at this time, not those they have declared “rogue nations” or “axis of evil.” The successful completion of the Summit’s program went very much against the expressed will of the governments of the United States and Israel and the U.S.-Israeli condemnation of the entire proceedings, uttered by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, as “a stain upon humanity.”

Clearly Canada has no interest to join or consult with the Non-Aligned Movement. Its animus is filled with hate and revenge directed at this time against the Islamic Republic of Iran as the “instigator” of all the obstacles that lie in the path of the U.S. imperialist striving for world domination.

But more than this, its severing of diplomatic relations with Iran would seem to be the answer from the U.S. imperialist war machine of which Canada has become an integral part. It is an act profoundly damaging not only to Canadians’ desire to contribute to peace in the world but to Canada’s history of multilateral and bilateral diplomacy as well. The claim of successive federal governments that Canada is a peace-loving country friendly to all peoples of the world without discrimination is no longer sustainable. It is replaced with a fierce battle to have Canada’s anti-communist cold war definition of human rights, democracy and free market economies prevail even if it means embroiling entire humanity in a conflagration of global dimensions. These latest events serve to expose the utter perfidy that seems to guide the Harper government’s irrational relations with any country or people of West Asia and the Middle East that resists the embrace of and subversion by the Zionist State of Israel.

The manner in which this unilateral act on Canada’s part was announced was also clearly intended to catch the Iranian government by surprise and cause “shock and awe.” By doing so, Canada positions itself as a hooligan state. Harper’s Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird announced the break in relations at a press conference in Vladivostok, Russia just prior to the opening of the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) meeting being held there. This was soundly denounced by the official spokesperson for the Iranian Foreign Ministry. The majority of those present at APEC and those who received the official departmental notice about the break in relations over their email are astounded at the Harper government’s uncouth and uncivilized conduct.

Dismissing bilateral relations in such a manner and on such a basis is a declaration that you enter bilateral relations with Canada at your peril. What is Canada up to behind this heinous act, which also de facto compromises Iranian-born people visiting Canada or those working and studying here?

Canadian ambassador Kenneth Taylor spied for a foreign government

U.S. imperialist manoeuvring behind a Canadian screen has been a continuing theme going back to the time when the United States teamed up with the Canadian Ambassador Ken Taylor in Tehran in November 1979 to engineer the notorious scheme for “protecting” half-a-dozen U.S. Embassy personnel from being captured and detained with more than 400 of their fellow U.S. citizens by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC). The IRGC’s impulsive and undiplomatic act was very small payback for the 25 preceding years of massive U.S. crimes against the lives and liberties of the Iranian people unleashed by the U.S. puppet Shah Reza Pahlavi. For 30 years Ken Taylor vigorously and repeatedly denied any U.S. hand in his actions. On the 30th anniversary of these events (2009), books appeared with documentary evidence that once and for all put the lie to Taylor’s protestations of innocence, firmly establishing that he was nothing more nor less than a U.S. Central Intelligence Agency “asset” in that incident, from start to finish. Now even Taylor has been quoted as saying he thinks the Harper government’s unilateral move to break relations with Iran is ill-advised!

This unilateral breaking of relations is a further signal that the issue today is no longer one of war preparations because the Anglo-American aggressor nations are already at war against all those who refuse to submit to their dictate. As in the 1930s, the method is to have the war sneak up to nations’ doorsteps, one at a time or sometimes several at a time.

Attempt to destroy Iran’s industrial development

Another target of Canada’s hooligan behaviour is to wreck Iran’s industrial development. Iran is a world leader in the development of scientific and engineering expertise independent of the diktat of the U.S. Empire. In this regard, Iran and Canada pursue very different courses when it comes to fossil fuel development. In the vise of a range of internationally-ordered and unilateral U.S. sanctions against the Islamic Republic’s search for inexpensive spare parts for its industrial base and other elements of industrial superstructure that are too costly or time-consuming to produce at home, the Islamic Republic of Iran has started up its nuclear reactor at Bushehr and is aiming to produce electricity on a scale that would eventually displace the country’s current extremely costly reliance on imported refined petroleum as the main feedstock of the electric power generation sector. Iran’s success in this strategy is being closely watched by dozens of developing countries seeking to escape the current enslavement of their power generation sector by the financial oligarchs of the U.S.-dominated IMF and World Bank.

The Harper dictatorship, meanwhile, never misses any opportunity to reiterate its absurd claim that Canada is a global energy superpower. This is coupled with repeated denunciations in perfect two-part harmony with the Israeli Zionists that Iran is a standing threat to Israel’s continued existence. However, it is silent as the grave about the fact that most of the output of the Alberta oil sands is destined for the tanks, warships and aircraft of the Pentagon, and remains in denial about the massive air and water pollution burdens that come in the wake of such intensive expansion of oil sands production and pipelining to upgrading refineries in the southern United States.

The true story of an eventually aborted initiative to restore meaningful Canadian-Iranian bilateral relations exposes the essence of Harper’s energy superpower claim. Back in 2003-2004, after a generation of frozen non-relations between Canada and Iran, following many months of the best-laid plans, a delegation of Iranian petroleum refinery engineers made their way to the Alberta refinery patch to compare notes on some recent innovations in oil refining with some Canadian counterparts. This was intended to start laying the groundwork for person-to-person contacts in areas of common Canadian-Iranian expertise. The U.S. imperialists got wind of the encounter in advance and a story was duly planted with the Canadian Press declaring that the Islamic Republic was infiltrating spies and saboteurs into the Alberta oil patch under the guise of a bilateral petroleum engineering expertise exchange – torpedoing the visit on its second day. Related to this, it is known that the U.S. and the Zionist Mossad secret services have assassinated several Iranian nuclear scientists. What accusations can we now expect the Canadian government to launch against Iran – perhaps that it is Iran which is responsible for these deaths?

Canadians can never accept such things as Canada’s integration into the U.S. imperialists’ war machine with, among others, the assignment to disrupt international relations. It shows that for Canada war is no longer something “in preparation” – the war is on. The present conditions point ever more strongly to the necessity of an anti-war government. It is a problem to be taken up for immediate solution.

Editorial of TML Weekly Information Project, No. 34, September 8, 2012

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2 responses to “Canada’s hooligan behaviour: Severing relations with Iran

  1. David Buckle

    Review history…… 1953-CIA- overthrew democratic Iranian government and put in their oil man (the shah) 1979 Iranians fought back against US corporations and took back their oil. Who can blame the Iranian people for their distrust and hate for imperialism. I am not advocating a nuclear Iran but for a secure,democratic country free of outside interference. I hate to see our corporate conservative government get closer and closer to their evil American Wall Street masters. We still have a coming window of opportunity with the NDP and hopefully corporate collusion, greed and corruption will be voted out and peacefull co-existance can be bettered.


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