Event: Time to march on Province House

stop ocean-based farmsThe Association for the Preservation of the Eastern Shore (APES) calls on citizens to march on the legislature against open pen salmon feedlots..

MEET DECEMBER 7, 2012, 1P.M. @ GRAND PARADE, HALIFAX (between Barrington and Argyle Streets).


APES will be depositing its responses to the Environmental Assessments posted as part of Snow Island Salmon’s application for open pen salmon feedlots in Shoal Bay and Spry Harbour with the Minister of the Environment.

APES is calling for a stepped up level of Environmental Assessment, one that would require an independent inquiry. APES continues to call for a moratorium on all new open pen salmon feedlot licenses until community-based inquiries can determine that no harm will come to our environment, quality of life, and existing industries such as the lobster fishery and tourism. APES is calling for the separation of the Ministries of Aquaculture, Fisheries and Environment because they are currently in a conflict of interest with each other when held by the same minister, Sterling Belliveau.

There is no way an objective Environmental Assessment can occur when the Minister of the Environment is also the Minister of Aquaculture and a strong proponent of open pen salmon feedlots.

Why now?

Licensing of Snow Island Salmon’s two proposed open pen salmon feedlots in Shoal Bay and Spry Harbour could occur at any time. A provincial election could be looming. Eastern Shore MLAs, Sid Prest and Jim Boudreau, could lose their seats. Send a message to the NDP government that licensing open pen salmon feedlots along the Eastern Shore will be political suicide for the NDP.

What can you do?

Come to the march. Make a sign with your message to the NDP government about open pen salmon feedlots. Bring as many other marchers as possible. Car-pool. We will have extra signs. More info:


NS Association for the Preservation of the Eastern Shore: http://nsapes.ca/

NS fish farms.bearbeitet

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