One Class, One Program

CPC(M-L) New Year’s Statement

THROUGHOUT 2012, Canada witnessed the strengthening of the working class as one class in defence of the rights of all and general interests of society. The New Year began with a militant protest by 800 Rio Tinto workers in Alma, Quebec, who even before their contract expired had been locked out by the neo-liberal regime in power and control of their aluminum plant. Their struggle and the growing upsurge of Quebec students in opposition to tuition fee increases became a beacon of the resistance and organization of the working class to neo-liberal attacks. These struggles implanted in the minds of many workers, youth and seniors across the country that concessions and an austerity agenda to pay the rich are not inevitable and can be beaten back with resistance and organization. As the year concluded, the working class spirit of resistance and organization reached new heights with the active participation of Ontario teachers and education workers in defence of their rights and public education to kill Bill 115 and the resistance of First Nations to the assault on their hereditary and human rights.

The TML Weekly 2012 Photo Review is evidence of the indomitable spirit of the working class, women, youth, pensioners and First Nations to defend their rights and the rights of all, defeat the anti-social agenda and nation-wrecking to pay the rich and move society forward to new political arrangements suitable for the twenty-first century that empower the people.

The year 2013 has now arrived with new challenges for the working class and people to overcome in the battle to affirm their rights and build the new. A primary issue facing the working class is to settle accounts with the notion that it is divided into various categories, political parties and sects and needs a saviour from the ruling elite to do its thinking and provide it direction.

Even as 2013 is ushered in we see attempts to embroil the working class in dividing itself on the basis of a never-ending policy debate about the economy and whether or not Canada is in good shape compared to other countries. Prime Minister Harper cites Canada’s economy to justify anti-social measures which criminalize the workers’ struggles and violate the hereditary rights of the First Nations. Provincial premiers also justify what cannot be justified in the name of “the economy.”

The fact is that only the working class is capable of organizing an economy which meets the needs of society. It produces the wealth on which society depends for its well-being and therefore has an interest in building the nation on a self-reliant basis, rather than destroying it and handing the vast natural and human resources over to a self-serving oligarchy which is hell-bent on nation-wrecking and going to war to further its aim of becoming ever richer.

The working class is one class with one program to defend its rights and the general interests of society. It can think for itself, analyze the objective conditions and open a path for society’s progress.

In 2013 the working class can make headway on the basis of its own program to unite everyone who can be united to hold to account any government that does not defend the rights of the working people, First Nations, the Quebec nation, women, youth, seniors, national minorities, collectives such as injured workers and people with special needs, and any other section of the people who have rights by virtue of being human.

With this spirit the working class can take its rightful place as the leader of society. This is an urgent necessity to prevent the escalating nation-wrecking and danger of all-out war in which Canada is being fully embroiled.

Let us make 2013 a year where the working class strengthens its resistance and organization as one class in conscious participation for its program in defence of the rights of all and the general interests of society.

Our Future Lies in Our Fight for the Rights of All! 
One Class, One Program! Stop Paying the Rich! 
Increase Investments in Social Programs! 
Establish an Anti-War Government!

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