Press freedom and Press TV


Televisionillustrationjamalkhurshid-1360430528-641-640x480TWO DAYS AGO Press TV was removed from Galaxy 19 This satellite carries mostly unscrambled signals so they can be seen just with a dish and receiver box and no fees, “Free-to-Air” as they say. Galaxy 19 is at 97 degrees west. Last month the same thing happened on Hispasat 1 at 30 degrees west.

Hispasat carries 5 “free to air” Cuban channels into eastern and mid- North America.

These moves are political and part of a ratcheting up of the heat against Iran. This afternoon while surfing Galaxy 19 I found Press TV again broadcasting but on Hispan TV in English. I think Hispan TV is the Spanish language equivalent of Press TV.

I have watched Press TV for several years and found it a valuable source of alternative opinion and view points. The presentation is always very professional. In the case of subjects dealing with Cuba, a country I understand very well, they have always been very accurate and balanced. More than I can say for even some CBC programs.

There are many options still open to receive the signals including the internet. See

This action shows how shallow is the claim of press freedom. Obviously there is concern about the stations increasing influence. And I’m sure if the broadcasts can’t be effectively stopped then it could become illegal to view or listen to them.

It is ironic the enemies of the “Great 99%”, Sun Media and Fox News, to name the 2 most offensive, are flourishing spewing their sensationalist propaganda. In the case of Sun Media they are now asking the CRTC for a consumer subsidy to light up the air waves in every home.

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