CTV’s ‘W5’ joins anti-Cuba diatribe

By ISAAC SANEY, National Spokesperson, Canadian Network On Cuba

100522-TorontoCubaSolidarity-13THE Canadian Network on Cuba informs you that in addition to the Toronto Star’s malicious disinformation campaign on Cuba in conjunction with the Miami Herald’s Spanish edition, CTV’s “W-5” has also joined the scurrilous campaign of outright deception based on bogus sources. A lead item presented by Victor Malarek on the program “W-5” on Saturday March 16, presented Cuba as a “paradise for sex tourists,” a veritable smorgasbord for paedophiles. The “big exposé” itself was a collaborative effort involving the Canadian Border Services Agency, The Toronto Star, and even Juan O. Tamayo, a CIA asset touted as a reporter with The Miami Herald. Neither the Miami Herald nor its reporter Tamayo are credible sources when it comes to Cuba. It is known that for decades the Herald has been a U.S.-backed mouthpiece for the Cuban counter-revolutionary mafia based in south Florida. As for Tamayo, he was “outed” as a CIA asset years ago by veteran Quebec journalist Jean-Guy Allard.

CTV’s motive is highly suspect. It is well known that Cuba has a zero tolerance for molestation of children and that it does not criminalize social conduct of any kind. There is simply no comparison of Cuba with the countries where sex tourism is promoted, which implies child pornography and paedophelia. These are not tolerated in Cuba. Simply that.

Cuba holds an admirable place in the international community as concerns the protection and promotion of the rights of children. In Cuba every child is guaranteed an education and access to universal and free healthcare. In Cuba there are no homeless children roaming the streets eking out an existence in a dog-eat-dog society. There is no child pornography industry in Cuba or tolerance of paedophelia, no priests or educators or sports coaches molesting children, no media preying on children or promoting gossips and yellow journalism about them.

“W5” is presented as CTV’s flagship for investigative-journalism. It is now clear this is a euphemism for yellow journalism. It is disgraceful.

Rather than promote lies about Cuba at the command of the American counter-revolutionary agencies which are floating so-called dissidents to organize regime change in Cuba, the CTV would do well to remind its audience that anyone who violates Cuban laws as concerns laying a hand on a minor will definitely end up in jail.

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