The royals, US infantile propaganda and the republic

The American social and aristocratic class is as rigidly hierarchical as the British monarchy that the US media seems to deride. In fact, evidence shows that those born into the top one per cent continue to enjoy the benefits of the system far more than those at the bottom. The system favours the top one per cent disproportionately to the detriment of others.


(July 25, 2013, revised April 1, 2021) – THE omnipresent American media may be cynically mocking the so-called royal baby fever and paparazzi in the United Kingdom after Kate Middleton gave birth to a son on Monday, but its social structures and aristocratic class system are just as fossilized as that of any feudal monarchy and the House of Windsor with its obscene wealth. According to Bruce Covert of ThinkProgress, a think tank linked to the Obama faction, American children have very little chance of climbing out of the social class they’re born into.

The great American “melting pot” is a pipe dream and mirage unparalleled in its decadent history yet the media shouts its heads off with absurd “news” about the feudal and aristocratic royal family of the UK whom it deems celebrities of the highest order. According to Mr Covert, who cites a new study originally reported in the New York Times,

“A third of people who grew up in the top 1 per cent of the income distribution makes $100,000 by the age of 30, the study reports. By contrast, just one out of every 25 people who grew up in the bottom half of the income distribution was making that much at that age.

“The study also notably found that economic mobility depends heavily on where someone grows up. It is harder for low-income children to climb the economic ladder in the Southwest and industrial Midwest, and in particular Atlanta, Charlotte, Memphis, Raleigh, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Columbus are particularly challenging. But the highest rates of mobility are found in the Northeast, Great Plains, and the West, in cities such as New York, Boston, Salt Lake City, Pittsburgh, and Seattle. The mobility rates aren’t necessarily tied to higher average incomes, however, as areas that have similar income levels can have very different rates.”

The article, however, obscures the fact that the USA itself has within it both a natural and an hereditary aristocracy.

The ruling economic and political authority of the U.S. Empire has members who (1) inherit their positions, and (2) members who move to positions of authority and incredible wealth from lower social classes, including those of persecuted nationalities. They are joined together in their service to the financial oligarchy, known colloquially as Wall Street.

Politically, examples of the hereditary aristocracy who bequeath their positions of privilege to family or those among their retinue they favour are the Bush and Kennedy and the Mellon and Rockefeller families. There is no need in this article for many proofs to substantiate the case about the Mellon and Rockefellers.

Once the capitalist class came to power in the United States after the American war of independence, on the basis of the theory of natural law of private property and a “natural aristocracy”, the feudal aristocracy of the British colonialists – many of whom fled to Canada where they were called United Empire Loyalists and merged with the Anglo-Canadian ruling elites – was replaced with elites whose power resided in their private ownership of the means of production. The slave owners, from whose ranks came the most eminent intellectuals and statesmen (for 32 of the first 36 years of the history of the American Republic, all who occupied the Presidency were slaveowners), did not simply enjoy their wealth as a “peculiar” kind of private property along with the others: over the masses of enslaved Africans they wielded a power that was executive, legislative, and judicial, all at the same time: civil death. The new “republic” strengthened and enriched these wealthy elites with massive handouts of the resources and land accumulated from the genocide of the Amerindians; the conquest of Mexico (half of whose territory was stolen); Spain (Florida, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Cuba) and Germany (Pacific islands); the Louisiana, Alaska and Virgin Islands purchases and part of Canada (e.g., northern Maine); and from the super-exploitation of labour at home and super profits of the peoples of the new colonies abroad. They benefited too from the oppression of the rest of society, and oppress minorities the most because they were and are the most vulnerable. All of this was done for private economic gain justified by the Monroe Doctrine, Manifest Destiny and American exceptionalism with the aim of keeping the reins of power firmly in the hands of the most economically powerful. (The same trend of the concentration and centralization of capital occurred in Canada.)

By the end of the 1800s, this elite comprised some sixty wealthy families centred around Herbert Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Mellon and J.P. Morgan, Henry Clay Frick, William Donner and their ilk. This was well documented by many American “muckraking” journalists and authors, who originally identified them as “robber barons.” 

they are considered to be “outside the law” which is to say “outlaws,” which makes them “fair game.”

and the power and rule by those using the system of “free labour.”

The magnates of private capital buttressed their vast fortunes and control over steel, mining, railroads, petroleum, utilities and finance and important state legislatures with private armies and racist gangs such as the KKK to crush the fight of the American working class and people for empowerment and rights, including the struggle of the African Americans which emerged in the aftermath of the Civil War. While the U.S. army was primarily deployed in genocidal wars against the Amerindians, new private armies and gangs of capital were sanctioned by the law and operated outside the law; in other words, they became an integral part of the police power of the pubic authority, individual states, but they did not depend on the federal government. The National Guard was not mobilized for any purpose and was intended to be the force of last resort and the first-line reserve of the army. The Pennsylvania State Act 228 of 1865 for example empowered the railroads to organize private police forces. In 1866, Pennsylvania passed a supplement to the act extending the right to use armed mercenaries to “embrace all corporations, firms, or individuals, owning, leasing, or being in possession of any colliery, furnace, or rolling mill within this commonwealth.” The most notorious was the Hessian Coal and Iron Police in Pennsylvania – “Yellow Dogs” or “Cossacks” as they were called by the Irish and Slavic miners – originally formed in the Civil War and trained by Germans which by the 1920s possessed artillery with access to aviation. The other shock force of mercenaries were the specialized detective agencies such as the thuggish, strike-breaking Pinkertons founded in 1850. By the early 1890s, the 2,000 active agents and 30,000 reserves of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency employed by big capital were numerically superior to the standing army of the United States. These agencies had a place of honour; the Pinkertons provided military intelligence and constituted the basis for forming the U.S. Secret Service. One of the largest of these agencies, Bergoff Brothers and Waddell of New York, promised it could supply 10,000 strikebreakers to a corporation within seventy-two hours, mobilizing probably more men more quickly than the federal government could. In 1934, Pearl Bergoff testified in a trial, “I’ve served American industry, north, south, east and west. I’ve been thirty years in harness to American industry. I’ve shipped armies of men to Cuba and Canada. Railroad strikes, dock strikes, transit strikes and textile strikes, I’ve broken them all in my time, and there’s still plenty of demand for my services . . .” The Rockefellers and Ford maintained private shock forces. During the 1930s, Ford Motor Company’s Service Department, directed by ex-pugilist Harry Bennett, formed to suppress union organizing and strikes, constituted the world’s largest private army at that time, numbering between 3,500 and 6,000 men. The United Automobile Workers union compared it with both Mussolini’s Blackshirts and Hitler’s Gestapo.

With the triumph of finance capital over industrial capital, forming monopoly capital, and the advent of American imperialism at the time of the Spanish-American war, the centralization of economic and political power was raised to a system. The federal state was able to achieve a monopoly of force. Everyone must serve the ruling clique. All wealth flows to Rome, so to speak.

Under conditions of “humanized” mass industrial production and education, the phenomenon of a natural aristocracy became far more common as the financial oligarchy and the state necessitated an expanding cadre to staff its instruments. This trend itself has several important economic, political and ideological features. Firstly, whereas most corporations used to be owned by clearly identified wealthy families that were presented as the hereditary aristocracy today most monopolies no longer have a unified ownership. Finance capital is widely dispersed in groups of monopolies or in asset management companies which can be controlled through ownership of a minority of their assets and manipulation of the stock market. American financiers plunder the public wealth with a thoroughness and on a scale which make the depredations of the Robber Barons of the 19th century seem petty in comparison. Control of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund is exercised by the United States in a similar fashion. This predatory octopus necessitated a retinue of trained professional sharks to maintain and advance its interests. Within the monopolies and cartels, the elite political parties and government agencies including the military power, and on the international plane, vicious fights are waged over control of the added value and accumulated assets in the pursuit of maximum profit. Secondly, following the inter-imperialist World War I, “each of the belligerent countries gave new prominence to its small cadre of experts on international affairs, intelligence, propaganda, and economic warfare who were recruited into power.” American ruling class leaders developed powerful institutional centres such as the Council on Public Relations (1921), the National Security Council (1947) and ramified networks of influential foundations and neo-liberal think tanks to chart out the aggressive and expansionist policies of modern-day imperialism striving for global domination and a national security state: to strive to, according to the conditions, to eliminate their rivals or to unify their rule in the “bipartisan consensus,” and to continuously recruit new talent. [1]

Currently, Bill and Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama and Condoleeza Rice are examples of this trend in modern life, as the dominant class relies heavily on the best trained and talented to preserve its worldwide empire and dictatorship over the working class.

In his 1998 study of the American power elite, William Domhoff observed:

“Bill Clinton, elected president in 1992 and 1996, tries to give the impression he is from an impoverished background, claiming he is just a poor boy from little Hope, Arkansas, born of a widowed mother. But Clinton was gone from Hope, where he lived in comfortable circumstances with his grandparents, who owned a small store, by the age of six. At that time, his mother married Roger Clinton, whose family owned a car dealership in the nearby tourist town of Hot Springs. He grew up playing golf at the local country club and drove a Buick convertible. His mother sent him money throughout his years in college. Clinton was not wealthy or from the upper class, but he had a very solid middle-class upbringing and education that he artfully obscures.” [4]

Clinton represented a ruler who gained his position through natural talent. He became president in 1992 with the collapse of the Soviet Union and used his considerable skills to rally U.S. and other public opinion behind the dismemberment and invasion of the former Yugoslavia, the isolation, bombing and weakening of Iraq, the unleashing of unbridled U.S. monopoly greed and interference worldwide and neo-liberal policies within the U.S. to pay the rich and reduce investments in social programs. [5] The board of directors of the Council on Foreign Relations virtually moved into the State Department and other government agencies. The Clinton administration adopted new contracting policies that in effect eliminated most armaments companies and hundreds of thousands of employees because of declining defence needs at the time, leaving just under 40 per cent of the defence contracts in the hands of 10 corporations, several of which had large non-defence business operations as well. [6] Clinton and his partner Hillary used their natural and developed skills to manipulate their U.S. public service into a personal empire of hundreds of millions of dollars.

President George Walker Bush represented an hereditary ruler that almost everyone recognizes did not merit the position of power and prestige he held and still occupies as former president. Bush was promoted to a position of authority at a very specific time to serve U.S. imperialism’s global economic and military expansion and to consolidate power within the executive branch. His presidency of unending war crimes, pre-emptive war, dismissal of the UN and “old Europe,” and attacks on the rule of law – which Bush termed in 2008 “democratic capitalism” – never acquired widespread legitimacy, especially internally. The U.S. oligarchy then promoted to president a member of the natural aristocracy, Barack Obama, to overcome the disastrous problems created by the inherited Bush presidency, especially “anti-Americanism.” [2] He followed in the footsteps of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill and Hilary Clinton, and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and General Colin Powell, African-American and Jamaican-American in origin respectively. [3]

Obama proved his allegiance to the owners of monopoly capital as commander-in-chief of the U.S. Empire’s economic and military interests at home and abroad, his doctrine of drone warfare and “one nation”politics, and his enormous bailouts to the rich and his constant contemptuous derision of the working class as a “labour cost” to the rich that must be reduced if their capitalist paradise is to be secured and expanded.

The military caste

With the victory of the Anti-Fascist War in 1945, revolutionary conditions prevailed on the world scale: the establishment of new socialist countries, an upsurge in national liberation struggles, and a massive strike movement in Europe, Canada and within the USA itself. Following the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in April 1945, executive power in the USA was progressively seized under the Truman administration by the hands of reactionary financial circles who launched a counter-revolution. These circles had been most closely allied with the German imperialist trusts before the war – through credits, license agreements and cartels – and sponsored native American fascist groups comprised of propaganda centres, military-espionage and racist terrorist cells during the 1930s. When Hitler’s mechanized legions swept into Poland on September I, 1939, and launched the Second World War, there were already more than 700 fascist organizations operating in the United States. (Albert E Kahn, High Treason: The Plot Against the People, New York: Lear Publishers, p. 190)

To spearhead the counter-revolution, the interests of the financial oligarchy demanded social peace at home and the suppression of the massive post-war strike wave of the American working class – “the Spirit of ’46” –  through the imposition of a social contract. (The total membership of American trade unions, which adopted a no-strike stand in 1941, grew from 8,944,000 in 1940 to 14,796,000 in 1945.) Unparalleled criminalization through imposition of loyalty oaths in the federal civil service, witch hunts and anti-communist hysteria was accompanied by the centralization of the executive power and the then separate branches of the armed forces; the build-up of a large military caste; the permanent maintenance of a multi-million army, numerous bridgeheads and bases, ballistic missiles, bombers and missile-carrying submarines designed to fill out with dangerous and explosive muscle a policy of nuclear politics pursued from “positions of strength.” The counter-revolutionary agenda was fortified by permanent espionage and subversion forces controlled directly by the executive power and a militarized academia and media. Truman’s regime intensified military expansion abroad through an intensive system of bases essential to preposition troops and weaponry in the event they are “needed” at a moment’s notice; military agreements and aid, arms exports, interference in elections and coup d’états, and the training and control of foreign armies including those of its “allies”. In 1949, on the basis of the Rio Pact – the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocity (TIAR), or the Rio Treaty (Rio de Janeiro) of 2 September 1947, establishing the so-called Organization of American States – the U.S. together with Britain and Canada launched a new military bloc unprecedented in history outside the United Nations and in violation of its charter, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), followed by similar “alliances” in South Asia such as ASEAN and CENTO. The document entitled “Strategic Concept for the 21st Century”, approved by the 1999 Washington Summit, stated that NATO is “a global military organization.” 

Given the alliance of forces in the USA today, this merits closer observation. George Washington, the Virginia squire, chose to structure his army of the new republic after the aristocratic “nobles and peasants” European model. It is characteristic of the “corporate” U.S. state that the “voluntary” army was built on a separation of castes. The social groups of the privileged natural and hereditary aristocracy, the workers and farmers, and the merchants corresponded in the military hierarchy to: officers, soldiers, and exempt civilians. The aristocrat’s son commanded as an officer the sons of the workers from his father’s factory, formers both freehold and the plantation, or the declassed lumpens or the civil dead from the ghetto. As early as 1815 professional soldiers begin to make their appearance in the higher echelons of the US administration when General Andrew Jackson, who won the Battle of New Orleans, was elected President of the United States. During the first century of the Republic’s existence six generals (George Washington, Andrew Jackson, William Harrison, Zachary Taylor, Franklin Pierce and Ulysses Grant) and one colonel (Theodore Roosevelt) occupied the presidential office.

However, local potentates continued to interfere in the functioning of the institution, blocking the recruitment of the men, and influencing the selection of commanders. In addition, political influence and favouritism were heavily involved in promotions. To advance in the hierarchy it was necessary to have good “connections” with the military caste and merit or professional qualifications still counted for very little until World War II. Recruitment became more and more internalized; this in turn increased the separation of the military from the civilian elites and also contributed to the development of the esprit de corps that shaped military education. The officers who had graduated from the new military schools began to look down on the civilians who dominated the administration and political life.

The belated entrance of the U.S. into the war demanded rapid mobilization and expansion of the potential pool of officer candidates beyond the traditional hereditary military caste; the Army Air Corps, for example, still required pilot trainees to be at least twenty-one years old and to have at least two years of college, because they were to be commissioned on graduation from the training program. As the pace of the buildup increased, entrance requirements for noncommissioned officers were progressively lowered to admit eighteen-year-olds with high school diplomas and new ranks created for the enlisted but still noncommissioned officers. “Although supposed to be treated as officers, “socially they fell somewhere between the enlisted and commissioned ranks…. In the explosive growth of the war, USAAF’s numbers had swollen with teenagers commissioned in the temporarily large Army of the United States. The veterans of the ‘old’ Army barely recognized these lieutenants as officers. They were even more reluctant to accept the newly contrived flying warrant officers as their peers.”

As the manpower needs of the armed forces multiplied, the military caste was forced to modify the traditional discrimination against African-American enlistments in the various branches. Nevertheless, it remained a shocking fact –  and one of the major contradictions of the American war effort –  that almost all Blacks were compelled to serve in separate units. Black soldiers were given the right to die, but not the right to fight in the company of white soldiers. Following V-J Day, however, the old policies were swiftly revived. The Army stopped accepting African-American enlistments; and a few months later every Black in the Marine Corps was given his choice of a discharge or a transfer to the steward’s branch. in 1947, when the Army had reduced the number of Black soldiers to the desired proportion, a limited number of enlistments were accepted. In addition, recruitment in the Jim Crow army was affected by the the beatings, lynchings and murders of recently returned African American veterans: the arrest, beating and blinding of African American veteran Isaac Woodard by Batesburg, South Carolina police on February 12, 1946 – hours after he was honourably discharged from the U.S. Army, and while still in uniform – caused a national furor. Truman – a white supremacist grandson of Civil War slave owners in Missouri and a onetime member of the KKK – formally desegregated the armed forces to facilitate their expansion (Executive Order 9981 on July 26, 1948), which was extended to military schools, hospitals and bases only during the Eisenhower regime. In contravention to Truman’s executive order, the United States complied with a non-public request from Lester Pearson of the Canadian government not to station black soldiers at new U.S. bases in northern Canada and similarly at the US base in Keflavík, Iceland until the 1980s. The army was to be the melting pot, the institution that would “Americanize” the foreigner and produce model Americans. To stimulate the recruitment of women, Hollywood and the Defence Dept, produced the movie G.I. Jane.

The entrenched professional officer caste of the standing army brought into being is itself to a significant extent hereditary today; according to 2017 figures, between 22 and 35 per cent (depending on the service) are the child of a service member.  The officer corps, particularly at the most senior levels, do not reflect the American society; it is 88.9 per cent white and over 90 per cent male. By comparison, 18 per cent of the enlisted service members were black or African American.

The Praetorian Guard

The anti-democratic military caste acquired substantial political power as a consequence of its long, unceasing wars. This caste began to function as a veritable standing, extremely skilled and fanatical Praetorian Guard, riven with competing factionalism, service and oligarchical rivalries reflecting the economy itself., in a discussion of the Roman Empire, points out:

“Equal parts secret service, special forces and urban administrators, Rome’s Praetorian Guard was one of the ancient world’s most prestigious military units. The Praetorians’ may have been tasked with protecting the Roman Emperor, but they were also the single greatest threat to his life. The unit was a major player in the webs of deceit that characterized imperial Rome, and they were willing to slaughter and install new emperors when tempted by promises of money or power.”

Since World War II, Army General Douglas MacArthur, Army Major General Edwin Walker, Air Force General Curtis LeMay, and Army Major General John Singlaub are four of the most notorious commanders in that respect. [7] The oath of office of the U.S. president itself states, he is to “faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States.” Short of impeachment, the Commander-in-Chief can utilize the police and military powers of the executive as he sees fit. It has reached the point now where these police powers are all that remain of the public authority, without any semblance of government providing for the public good and upholding rule of law.

Speaking of the “revolving door” which followed in the wake of Truman becoming head of the American Empire, New York Times journalist Howard K. Smith noted how a new team of rich oligarchs moved seamlessly into government:

“Of the 125 most important government appointments made by President Truman in the first two post-war years, 49 were bankers, financiers and industrialists, 31 were military men and 17 lawyers, mostly with Big Business connections. The effective locus of government seemed to shift from Washington to some place equidistant between Wall Street and West Point.” (Emphasis added) [8]

Under the aegis of Secretary of State General George Marshall, a constantly growing number of professional soldiers joined the diplomatic corps and assumed key posts in the State Department. Before long, ten out of twenty of the Department’s executive officers were military men, and the Army and Navy Bulletin could claim, “Today the Army has virtual control of foreign affairs” . . . The New Republic noted “Into the vacuum created by the exodus of the New Dealers, two groups have moved –  the Brass Hats and the Wall Streeters.” (Cited by Albert E. Kahn, High Treason: The Plot Against the People, New York: Lear Publishers, p. 251)

During World War II, scions of the intertwined families of the hereditary aristocracy and its cartels – the Morgans, Mellons, du Pont, Vanderbilt, the Archibald family of Standard Oil, among others – controlled the vast military machine built up during World War II, especially the espionage agency, the Office of Secret Services (OSS), which became the CIA established in 1947. Many of the personnel within the intelligence and the military power – e.g., James V. Forrestal, US Secretary of the Navy and Truman’s Secretary of Defense from Dillon Read & Co. – and the Office of Military Government established in Occupied Germany had previously been connected with corporations that traded with the Nazis or had signed cartel agreements with German monopolies. The only family not represented in the OSS leadership was that of the Rockefellers of Standard Oil; however, through Nelson Rockefeller and his Office of Inter-American Affairs, they built their own private espionage service covering Latin America and Canada, hitherto the purview of the FBI. (During the 1920’s Forrestal’s firm, Dillon, Read & Co., floated several hundred million dollars in loans to German and Italian trusts, and to South American dictatorships. (See page 8i). At the same time, Dillon, Read was associated with Deutsche Bank and the Dresdner Bank, two German banking houses, making major investments in the Stinnes’ coal and iron interests and in the Vereinigte Stahlwerk steel trust in Germany, two concerns which were helping finance the growing Nazi movement.

Regarding the Deutsche Bank and the Dresdner Bank, two German banking houses with which Dillon, Read & Co. was associated, 

One of the more striking features of OSS personnel was how many of its aristocratic officials rose to central positions of military and police power to serve narrow private interests within the political system and were “involved in specific operations – overthrowing governments in Iran and Guatemala, spying on Cuba, invading Cuba – we find some of the most respected and respectable members of the upper class doing the dirty work.”  They moved back and forth taking decisions that affected the people, economy and society. In 1946, the satanic Allen Dulles was charged with drafting the prospectus for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Dulles and the Wall Street law firm Sullivan and Cromwell of which the was a partner was a key player in the linkage between U.S. capital and the Third Reich during the 1920s and 1930s. Its clients included J. P. Morgan (organizing U.S. Steel in 1901, the first American corporation with more than one billion dollars capitalized) and E. H. Harriman and Cromwell was himself acknowledged as the attorney who “taught the robber barons how to rob.” In parallel, it was the financial agent for the Schröder bank, the Nazi trust. He then headed up the OSS office in charge of European espionage in Bern, Switzerland and the CIA (February 26, 1953 – November 29, 1961), while his brother John Foster Dulles, also a lawyer from Sullivan and Cromwell originally retained to expedite the formation of the New Panama Canal Company, became Eisenhower’s Secretary of State (January 21, 1953 – April, 1959). Their sister, Eleanor Lansing Dulles, was a leading official in the U.S. State Department known as “Mother of Berlin” for her role in splitting Germany. [9] 

Allen Dulles’ subordinate in the OSS, William Casey, was a lawyer of petit-bourgeois origin. He became a wealthy Wall Street lawyer specializing in tax avoidance tax strategies (coining the term tax shelters), chartering scores of right-wing think tanks and venture funds, and a leading official in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan presidencies. In 1950 he organized the CIA-sponsored Crusade for Freedom, a dummy corporation incorporated as a covert arm of Radio Free Europe. British historian Frances Stonor Saunders writes that it was “used to launder money to support a program run by Bill Casey, the future CIA director, called the International Refugee Committee in New York, which allegedly coordinated the exfiltration of Nazis from Germany to the States where they were expected to assist the government in its struggle against Communism.” [10] The spokesperson was none other than the young actor Ronald Reagan. Thirty years later, Casey became an organizer of the Thatcher-Reagan counter-revolution within the counter-revolution. When Reagan’s presidential campaign faltered in 1979, Casey was brought into to rescue it as chief fund-raiser and campaign chief. Casey organized the murky legal coup d’état in 1980 – the “October Surprise” (the orchestrated release of the American spy hostages held by Iran) – over the incumbent Jimmy Carter, resulting in a narrow electoral victory. Known as “Reagan’s sword,” he became the first CIA director to have cabinet rank, for an unprecedented two terms (January 28, 1981 – January 29, 1987), and added 2,000 personnel. “When he died, at age seventy-four, his own bishop denounced him from the pulpit at his funeral, as Presidents Reagan and Nixon listened in silence.” [11] 

The warmongering Senator John Mc­Cain, failed Republican presidential candidate in 2008, chair of the International Republican Institute of the NED since 1983, head of the powerful Armed Forces Committee since 2014 and the principal patron of the NATO-sponsored, U.S.-organized Halifax International Security Forum since 2009, personifies the hereditary feature of this military caste, with features similar to that of the old feudal castes of pre-revolutionary Europe.

The son and grandson of naval admirals who himself married a heiress of the St. Louis Busch family beer monopoly, McCain proudly traces his ancestry to an officer in the first Army of the Republic and a slave-owner in the American South: “One of my forebears was a colonel in Washington’s army of independence forces. Another was a general in the war of secession.” Of his great great grandfather Dr. William Alexander McCain, who owned a 2,000 acre plantation in Mississippi, the New York Times writes, “The antebellum McCains once owned at least 52 slaves who made their masters quite wealthy raising corn and cotton.” Further, the journalist adds:

“There are still black McCains in Carroll County whose ancestors were owned by white McCains with whom they neither claim nor deny any blood kinship. The black McCains hold a family reunion every other year, and though they did invite Senator McCain he never attended. One of William Alexander McCain’s grandsons made brigadier general in the US Army, and another, Henry Pinkney McCain was a US Army major general. A third of Dr. McCain’s grandsons was Senator McCain’s grandfather, a 4 star US Navy Admiral. His son, Senator McCain’s father was also a 4 star US Navy admiral. Their ancestors include officers in the American Revolutions related to the family of George Washington.” [12]

On behalf of the Praetorian Guard the McCains, father and son, were deployed to Washington as military advisers to the American Senate. On this road since World War II came a new series of “soldier-statesmen” recruited to power, such as Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, who commanded the military assault on the Veterans March on Washington in 1932 and later the Anglo-American forces in Europe, was installed as president of Columbia University (1948-1953) over the heads of the members of the university’s selection committee; Gen. Alexander Haig, a Rockefeller man and Nixon’s chief of staff (May 1973 to August 1974) who choreographed his resignation following Watergate, and who as Secretary of State attempted a coup after Ronald Reagan had been shot; Gen. John Malkaze David Shalikashvili during the Clinton presidency; and the African-American Gen. Colin Powell who was implicated in the My Lai massacre in Vietnam. Powell became first Joint Chief of Staff (JCS) from 1989 to 1993 – serving as the principal military adviser to the president, the secretary of defence, and the National Security Council – and then Secretary of State from 2001 to 2005, peddler of the Bush disinformation on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, and a rich man.

McCain and his partner Cindy used their skills and links to manipulate his U.S. political position into a personal empire of tens of millions of dollars. The war pilot died a rich man on August 25, 2018, having amassed a personal fortune estimated as $20 million in 2015 from his lifetime of “public service” while his wife possessed an estimated $100 million in 2008 increasing to $200 million in 2018, ten homes, three office building complexes and control since 2000 of the family-owned beer monopoly Hens­ley & Co.[13] He was awarded a state funeral which was broadcast live with former presidents Bush and Obama and future president Joe Biden giving eulogies. Wikipedia quotes one for­mer aide who stated, “It is a mis­take to un­der­stand the Mc­Cains as a po­lit­i­cal fam­ily. They’re a mil­i­tary fam­ily first and a po­lit­i­cal fam­ily second.”

Clinton’s “genuine soldier-statesman”

General John Malkaze David Shalikashvili was Clinton’s chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) for two presidential terms. When he died in 2011, U.S. presidents and media eulogized the “immigrant general” as an American icon in the manner of the made-for-Hollywood, Horatio Alger life story with numerous false statements. Portraying him as a Polish-American refugee and the first enlisted soldier to rise to command, Obama found in him the personification of his one nation politics, saying on July 23rd that the United States had lost a “genuine soldier-statesman.” In reality, Clinton’s Polish-American icon was a Russified prince, an aristocrat and the the son of a Hitlerite Nazi officer, Dmitriy Shalikashvili, a major who commanded German resistance to the Anglo-American-Canadian-Polish forces landing in Normandy in 1944. He was a volunteer officer of the Nazi-organized Georgian Waffen SS unit and then brought to the USA following the war despite the fact that immigration of SS members was banned. Far from being Polish, Dmitry was a Russian prince from Georgia who had fled the Bolsheviks to Poland in 1920; his wife Maria was also Russian, the daughter of the Count and Countess Rudiger-Bielajew, born in St Petersburg in 1906. [14]

Shalikashvili‘s military career was undistinguished. In 1991, while stationed in Europe, he found a patron in then JCS General Powell, who personally recruited the nondescript officer and brought him to Washington as his assistant. Yet, in his promotional autobiography My American Journey published in 1995, Powell devotes only five lines to his successor.

However, the New York Times pointed out, “General Shalikashvili is a seasoned officer with a sophisticated understanding of the European political landscape.” [15] The credentials of the aristocratic émigré general included fluency in the Polish, Russian and French languages. 

It is not fortuitous that Clinton’s appointment of the obscure general as JCS in 1993 followed the victory of the forces of retrogression and counter-revolution: the collapse of the former USSR and the break-up of the bipolar world in 1990-91. Shalikashvili took up his powerful post at the very time when the USA and Germany were pushing the issue of NATO’s expansion into “post-Soviet space” – eastern Europe and the Balkans (an area of great geo-strategic importance, commanding the transit to the Black Sea, Central Asia and Iran), beginning the second dismemberment of Yugoslavia (the first being 1941-1945), inciting the war in Czechnya, moving German troops to the border of Poland, launching the NATO “Partners for Peace” program, etc. NATO, then comprised of fifteen countries with a combined total of more than 2,500,000 troops under arms, shed the facade it had as a defensive organization when it was founded in 1949 and was openly transformed into a powerful and aggressive instrument at the service of the financial oligarchy, eager to dominate the world as a global military bloc. [16] 

Upon retirement in 1997, the soldier-statesman joined the boards of such arms monopolies as United Defense Industries and expounded on imperialist military doctrine in U.S. academies. In 2004, Shalikashvili headed a senior military advisory group to the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, who had married a heiress to the Heinz fortune. This was key to the theme of promoting a “war hero” running not for the civilian position of president, but for the office of Commander-in-Chief of the military. (Obama later appointed Kerry his Secretary of State (from 2013 to 2017) and in January 2021 Biden appointed Kerry to a new position as the first United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate. [17] )

The recruits: the “refugees”

Following World War II, the US elite progressively adopted the policy of elite accommodation under the slogans of “unity in diversity” and “strength in diversity.” It incorporated reactionary members directly linked with European imperialism. It financed “ethnic” agencies of the state and the Republican and Democratic parties connected to these interests and state-funded NGOs disguised as lobby groups, many of which were staffed by former Nazis. The leading anti-communist diplomat Charles E. Bohlen, for example, was a cousin of Krupp, the financier of Hitler, whose real surname was Charles Krupp von Bohlen. Bohlen became special advisor to the president on foreign policy whose presidential appointment by Truman coincided with the early release of his cousin from prison for war crimes in Germany. Bohlen was later Ambassador to France, Moscow and the Philippines.

Beginning with the German-American Henry Kissinger, the Polish-Canadian Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Ukrainian-American Lev Dobriansky and more recently the Ukrainian-American Anthony Blinken together with academicians such as Richard Pipes from Poland, the U.S. oligarchy recruited reactionary European anti-communist aristocratic émigrés into the international policy-making branches of its state and elite bodies such as the Council on Foreign Relations. Madeleine Albright, Clinton’s second secretary of state, the daughter of a Czechoslovakian diplomat who immigrated to the United States and became a dean at the University of Denver, married into great wealth, earned a Ph.D. in international relations, raised money for the Democratic Party, presided over the destruction of Yugoslavia and became active in several foreign policy groups. She chairs the subversive National Democratic Institute of the National Endowment for Democracy of the U.S. State. In 2009 she co-chaired with the president of Shell Oil the NATO group which was charged with the task of elaborating a new “strategic doctrine” for the U.S.-led military bloc.

The hereditary reserves

Is it also not fortuitous that it is the “democratic” republic that has given succor and “refuge” to the reactionary hereditary monarchists of the world, thrown into the dustbin of history by the peoples of their lands, such as the current pretender to the Peacock Throne, Reza Pahlavi?

For over three decades since their flight from Iran, first Egypt (Anwar Sadat provided a palace for two years) and then Washington kept Farah Diba Pahlavi, the Shah’s widow, and oldest son, Crown Reza Pahlavi Junior [8], in the lap of luxury in reserve for future use against Iran. In the same way, the USA, Britain, Spain and Italy keep or kept other monarchs and despots such as Baby Doc of Haiti, the Emir of Afghanistan, King Idris of Libya, King Zog of Albania, the Austrian-Hungarian Hapsburg monarchy, White Russian princes, Ukrainian and Baltic fascists and Cuban sugar kings in reserve to be deployed against the peoples of their countries according to their interests and the conditions. Indeed, the American republic still formally addresses the former Empress of Iran as Her Imperial Majesty, although the titles and distinctions of the Iranian Imperial Family were constitutionally abolished within Iran by the Islamic Republic of Iran. [18]

Inequality raised to a system

The objective results of rule by the U.S. natural and hereditary aristocracy are shown by the fact that, according to ThinkProgress,

“Growing income inequality is a phenomenon effecting nearly the entire country, however. It has increased in nearly every state over the past 30 years. On the whole, incomes for the wealthiest 20 per cent of Americans are eight times greater than those at the bottom 20 per cent thanks to the fact that top incomes have seen far faster growth. The social safety net has blunted the blow, but other government policies are helping to fuel the growing disparity between the rich and everyone else.”

The sovereign of the United Kingdom and Canada are also not elected by the polity; in the absence of a democratic constitution, the vast majority of the population are not the decision-makers. It is a fact that the president of the United States is not directly elected by the polity. It is also a fact that, under the celebrated constitution of the American republic, half of those with the right to vote are not registered; of those registered, half do not vote and only 25 per cent elect those who govern them.

The ruling hereditary and natural aristocracy neither mobilizes the enormous capacity of the modern socialized economy to guarantee the rights of all, serve the people, their empowerment and progress nor does it build international relations based on respect for sovereignty and opposition to war as a method to solve problems and a rule of law that outlaws exploitation of peoples, their nations and natural resources.


1. G. William Domhoff, Foreword to Laurence H. Shoup and William Minter, Imperial Brain Trust: The Council on Foreign Relations and United States Foreign Policy, New York: Monthly Review Press,  1977, p. viii.

A leading bestseller in the 1920s, Bruce Barton’s The Man Nobody Knows, described how “Jesus Christ had picked up twelve men from the bottom ranks of business and forged them into an organization that conquered the world . . . Nowhere is there such a startling example of executive success as the way in which that organization was brought together . . . [Jesus] was the founder of modern business.”

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7. MacArthur had his showdown with President Harry S Truman during the Korean War and Truman fired him. Walker violated the Hatch Act by persuading troops in his command to vote against Democrats and distributing material published by the far-right John Birch Society to his troops. President John F. Kennedy sought and received Walker’s resignation of his officer’s commission in 1961. Walker came the closest to committing outright insurrection when he participated in white segregationist violent upheaval at the University of Mississippi over the admission of a black student in 1962. Walker was arrested by U.S. Marshals in Oxford, Mississippi and charged with four federal criminal counts, including inciting insurrection against the United States and conspiracy to overthrow the laws of the United States. The charges were later dropped. Walker’s political career ultimately ended after his arrest on two occasions, in 1976 and 1977, for “lewdness” in public men’s toilets in his hometown of Dallas, Texas.

Strategic Air Command chief LeMay clashed with President John Kennedy over LeMay’s insistence that the United States launch a nuclear bombing campaign against Cuba during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. President Lyndon Johnson forced LeMay to retire in 1965. LeMay served as vice presidential running mate on the extreme right-wing American Independent Party presidential ticket of candidate George Wallace in 1968. The ticket, which was endorsed by General Walker, received 46 electoral votes. Singlaub, the chief of staff for U.S. Forces in Korea, publicly argued with President Jimmy Carter in 1977 over U.S. troop withdrawals from the Korean Peninsula. As a result, Carter relieved Singlaub of his command and ultimately forced him to retire. Singluab associated himself with the far-right activities of the John Birch Society and other extremist groups such as the World Anti-Communist League.

8. Howard K. Smith, The State of Europe, New York: Knopf, 1949, pp. 83. 

9. The Dulles siblings were the grandsons and the nephews, respectively of two U.S. secretaries of state. The maternal grandfather, John W. Foster, was Secretary of State under Benjamin Harrison, while their uncle by marriage, Robert Lansing was Secretary of State under Woodrow Wilson. Along with Casey, they also had important connections to the Vatican: for example, Avery Dulles, son of John Foster Dulles, was a Jesuit priest and cardinal of the Catholic Church. Lansing involved the Dulles brothers as leading negotiations in the Dawes plan in 1924. Together with the Young Plan in 1929, these post-war arrangements shifted the burden of German reparations to the buyers of German bonds sold by Wall Street firms at hefty commissions. The Dawes and Young Plans arranged for huge loans to Germany. A large portion of the funds thus obtained were used by German industrialists to finance their secret rearmament program, and to build the Hitler movement. Owen Young, author of the Young Plan, was a member of the board of General Electric and part of the brain trust behind the Dawes Plan. More than $200,000,000 of the international gold loan borrowed by Germany under the Dawes Plan was floated in the United States by Morgan and his associates. General Electric, whose expansion into Europe dated to 1904, was assuming the dominant interest in the German electrical combine, A.E.G., one of the major contributors to the Nazi Party fund. See Tony Seed, Krupp and GE: The conspiracy trial of 1947, January 7, 2015. GE was one of the main sponsors of Ronald Reagan, whom they employed as host of General Electric Theatre.

In 1946, Allen Dulles, having returned to Sullivan and Cromwell, was tasked “to draft proposals for the shape and organization of what was to become the Central Intelligence Agency in 1947.” Dulles formed an advisory group of six men, all but one of whom were Wall Street investment bankers or lawyers. Dulles and two of the six (William H. Jackson and Frank Wisner) later joined the CIA. (See Richard Helms with William Hood, A Look Over My Shoulder: A Life in the Central Intelligence Agency, New York: Random House, 2003, pp. 82-83. )

On the Dulles brothers, see also David Talbot, The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government, New York: Harper, 2007); Stephen Kinzer, The Brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, and their Secret World War, St. Martin’s Griffin, 2014; Christopher Simpson, The Splendid Blond Beast: Money, Law, and Genocide in the Twentieth Century, New York: Grove Press, 1983, a sequel to Simpson’s Blowback: The First Full Account of America’s Recruitment of Nazis and Its Disastrous Effect on Our Domestic and Foreign Policy (New York: Weidenfeld and Nicholson, 1988), on America’s recruitment of the Nazis and their fascist allies after the war; and Burton Hersh, The Old Boys: The American Elite and the Origins of the CIA (New York: Scribner, 1992).

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13. Without so much as a by-your-leave, an estimated $9 million left over from McCain’s 2008 presidency campaign was not returned to the donors but used to establish the McCain Institute for International Leadership, an agency for military and strategic propaganda and organizing imperialist networks, especially in Canada and Central and Eastern Europe.

Like most of the major think tanks, this centre is funded by arms and oil monopolies according to a 2012 report in the Arizona Republic. The funders of the McCain Institute include: General Electric; Chevron (which partners with ARAMCO, the Saudi national oil company, and is active in Eurasia); arms monopoly Raytheon, whose missile-systems division is headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, the late senator’s home state, and a partner with Lockheed Martin; Freeport-McMoRan (a leading international mining monopoly with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona where it operates five mines, owned by IMC Global, being the world’s largest producer of molybdenum, and one of the largest producers of copper); BlackRock, Inc.; Cisco Systems; FedEx; Wal-Mart; BGR Foundation, a lobbyist for Ukraine; Baltic-American Freedom Foundation; Hungary Initiatives Foundation; Open Society Foundations of George Soros and George Soros, Chairman, Soros Fund Management SpaceX; Howard G. Buffett Foundation; the Zionist Lauder Foundation; Smith Richardson Foundation; Daimler (owned by Ford, 1989-2007 and since then by India’s Tata Group); MEG Energy of Calgary; Viktor Pinchuk, second richest oligarch in Ukraine who also funds the Clinton foundation; and the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia. (Year and donor category may fluctuate)

As the executive director of this centre (2012-2019), the McCains placed Kurt Volker, Bush’s former NATO ambassador with extensive European and intelligence connections, who began his career with the CIA in 1988. Volker served as a leg­isla­tive fel­low on the staff of Mc­Cain from 1997 to 1998. He speaks Swedish, Hungarian and French and is married to a Georgian journalist with Voice of America. Volker was associated with several Wall Street investment funds, the BGR agency and a board member of the Hungary Initiatives Foundation. In parallel, he was appointed to the Agenda Working Group of the Halifax International Security Forum in 2012 (until 2019). Other members of this agency since it was inaugurated in 2009 by the German Marshall Fund and employed by the McCain Foundation were David J. Kramer, director of human rights, former president of Freedom House and appointed member of the board of the International Republican Institute (IRI) by McCain shortly before he died; Randy Scheunemann, a Washington lobbyist (Orion Strategies) for arms monopolies and foreign governments such as Georgia, appointed vice-chairman of the IRI by McCain shortly before he died; and Robin Shepherd, formerly of the Henry Jackson Society in the UK. In November 2016, HISF was the venue for the transfer of the so-called “Russiagate” dossier from British intelligence to McCain and the FBI. When the senator died, his wife Cindy McCain assumed control of the McCain Foundation, fired Volker over his participation in “Ukrainegate” as U.S. special envoy to Ukraine, joined the Biden presidential team, and was given a place on the board of the HISF. Shepherd was promoted to HISF vice-president and Scheunemann made “strategic counsellor.”

The board of trustees at the McCain Institute includes Gen. David Petraeus, former four-star general in charge of Afghanistan and Iraq and Obama CIA director who was forced to resign in 2012 in disgrace. He holds a seat on the board of directors at the Atlantic Council and the National Security Advisory Council of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, which includes more than 200 retired three and four-star generals and admirals. 

14. Dmitry Shalikashvili’s maternal grandfather was Prince Dimitry Staroselsky (Starosselsky, Staroselskaya), a Russian general and administrator who served Tsar Nicholas Alexander II as a Governor of Baku (the capital city of present day Azerbaijan) from 1872 to 1875 and as Chief of the Administration of the Viceroy of the Caucasus from 1878 to 1884. One of his sons, Vsevolod Staroselsky, became a notorious figure in the history of Iran, becoming a White Russian general and chief Commander-in-Chief of the Persian Cossack Brigade (1918-1920). In 1918 Staroselsky assumed command “in the British-inspired 1918 removal of Colonel Clerge” in which Reza Khan “played a key role.” He resigned on October 30, 1920, at the personal request of the Shah, acting under a British refusal to help the Cossacks while under Russian command. Staroselsky was succeeded by Brigadier-General Reza Khan, who seized power in 1921, forming the notorious Pahlavi dynasty of Iran. Prince Staroselsky’s daughter Nina married the feudal Georgian Prince Ioseb (Joseph) Shalikashvili, bringing him as her dowry oil wells from the plunder of Baku, a gift of Prince Staroselsky. They had two sons, Dimitriy and David. Dmitry’s brother, Prince David Shalikashvili, was a contract officer with the French Foreign Legion. He served with Pétain’s pro-Axis Vichy regime and deployed to Vichy North Africa with the Bourbon cretin Count of Paris, Henri VI d’Orléans. 

In 1994, Gen. Shalikashvili placed his older brother, Othar, a colonel in the U.S. Special Forces who bore the name of a 16th century feudal prince, in charge of the NATO “train and equip” program in a Georgia increasingly acting as a U.S. protectorate but which still hosted Russian military bases and airports and a backdoor through the Caucasus into turbulent Czechnya.

15. Michael R. Gordon, “NATO Commander is picked to lead the Joint Chiefs,” New York Times, August 12, 1993.

16. The main Associated Press obituary, in its closing paragraph, gave the briefest indication of just whom Obama meant by his reference to “those who choose to serve it”:

“Shortly after Shalikashvili was tabbed by Clinton, the Simon Wiesenthal Center said documents it found indicated the general’s late father, Dimitri Shalikashvili, collaborated with the Nazis during World War II. The center said it found the elder Shalikashvili’s unpublished writings in the archives of Stanford’s Hoover Institution.”

These whole two sentences, 47 words, the vaguest mention possible of the General’s Nazi links, were deleted from some though not all of the U.S. newspapers reproducing the AP obituary. They were also omitted by the New York Times, which in its own fictionalized obituary echoing Obama and Clinton, falsely referred to the general’s parents as “refugees” and his father as “an aristocratic Georgian nationalist who fought the Soviets and emigrated to Poland.” This was the prevailing line of disinformation.

This section is based on Tony Seed, “For the record: Clinton’s Nazi general – ‘an “only-in-America” story’ said Obama in praise,“ unpublished paper, 2011.

17. John Kerry is another multimillionaire born into the privileged hereditary aristocracy, educated in the finest New England private schools, and holding memberships in the most exclusive private clubs. He is part of the Boston Brahmin Forbes family, historically intermarried with prominent New England families like the Winthrops, Lowells, Cabots, and Emersons. The Kerry-Forbes family wealth comes from land ownership and John Kerry’s marriage to Teresa Heinz, who controls the Heinz foods fortune. Largely as a result of this marriage, Kerry’s personal wealth was estimated in 2004 to range from $165 to $839 million. Kerry flew around the country in his $35 million Gulfstream V private jet, cruised on his $800,000, 42-foot speedboat, or vacationed in one of the five multimillion dollar houses he and Teresa Heinz-Kerry owned. These five houses were collectively worth $29.5 million according to the May 3, 2004 issue of Newsweek. (Laurence H. Shoup, “Bush, Kerry, and The Council on Foreign Relations,” Z magazine, October 2004)

Kerry was not only a long-time member (over 10 years) of the Council on Foreign Relations, Teresa Heinz-Kerry was a hereditary member. In 1928, Howard Heinz of Pittsburgh contributed $25,000 to the original fund of $125,000 to underwrite the establishment of Foreign Affairs as journal of the Council on Foreign Relations. In the 2004 election, according to Prof Shoup, “He has an even longer list of prominent Council supporters than Bush. Many of these supporters are economic and foreign policy advisers likely to play key roles in any Kerry presidency. Five current CFR directors and one current employee are openly supporting Kerry, most of them in advisory roles.” (Ibid.)

18. Pahlavi is a fighter pilot trained by the United States Air Force in Lobboch, Texas following his graduation from the University of California. He is now a resident of the Washington, D.C., suburbs, where he maintains his “secretariat.” Pahlavi, 51, has his own group of followers who are seeking to restore the feudal dynasty founded by his grandfather in the early 1920s. His sycophants include Nazanin Afshin-Jam, the Iranian-born wife of Canadian cabinet minister Peter MacKay, a close ally of Sen. McCain and the Clinton Foundation in the Halifax International Security Forum which he funded as a Harper cabinet minister for foreign affairs and defence. Afshin-Jam features photos of the Pahlavis on her Facebook page and was reportedly responsible for the Harper government’s ugly cessation of Canada’s diplomatic relations with Iran. Along with a retinue of servants and advisors, Farah Pahlavi, wife of the fascist Shah, still leads her fabulous life in a multi-million dollar gated estate in Potomac, Maryland just outside Washington, DC and flies back and forth to a luxurious apartment in Paris, France with annual side trips to Egypt, where feudal Iranian royalists annually gather in homage from around the world at the Shah’s tomb built and maintained by Mubarak.

An earlier version of this article appeared in Crescent International, a publication of the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought (ICIT). I am indebted to journalist K.C. Adams of TML Daily for his analysis of the concept of hereditary and natural aristocracy.



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